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How to Make Delicious and Healthy Smoothies for the Family

Smoothies are a fantastic way to create guilt-free ice-cold treats that are perfect for the family. They are a quick and healthy breakfast or lunch alternative. It also works well as a pre or post-workout snack. Best of all, you can work with whatever veggies and fruits you have leftover in your fridge!

Smoothies are now so popular that they’re considered a lucrative business. If you’re looking for an investment opportunity, you can open a smoothie franchise or juice shop. For sure, you’ll have busy yuppies and students and lining up or ordering their favorite smoothie blends online.
Making a smoothie is easy, and you can’t really mess it up, but here are some tips to follow to help you make the best tasting smoothies.

Use a high powered blender.

Although you can create a smoothie using a food processor to get the best results, we suggest using a high powered blender to ensure you get the smoothness and consistency that makes a smoothie great. You can also use a regular blender if a high powered blender is not available.

Blend slowly, but surely.

This tip will depend on your blender, but in general, to make a better smoothie experience, you should blend in the low setting and gradually increase its setting.

Add milk, juice, or yogurt.

When creating a great smoothie, you have to ensure that the liquid you are using is top-quality or is compatible with your choice of ingredients. You can use water when blending fruits and vegetables, but you can also use milk products dairy or non-dairy. You can use juice when making a smoothie, remember that it can overwhelm the drink because of its high sugar content.
The best smoothies are usually thick and refreshing, and you can add plain or greek yogurt in the drink to thicken your smoothie.

Make it smooth.

It is essential to get the proper serving of your ingredients in each smoothie, especially if you plan on making a green smoothie. Blending these greens can result in uneven consistency, we suggest using a cup of leafy greens for one serving of the drink.  You can add any fruits and vegetables you want to your smoothie, although we suggest adding a banana to your drink because it helps thicken the drink and can add a subtle sweetness to it.

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Pack in the greens.

If you want to make an extra healthy drink, add some vegetables to your smoothies, such as kale, zucchini, and spinach. These vegetable elements can add nutrients to your smoothie without comprising the flavor.

Add flavor and texture.

You can add a small portion of nut butter like peanut butter and almond butter. This addition makes your smoothie thicker and adds subtle hints of nutty flavoring in your smoothie. If you have a sweet tooth and want to add extra sweetness to the fruits or vegetables you have used in making the best smoothie ever, you can add sweeteners to the drink, such as pure honey, pure maple syrup, organic or canned fruit juice, and dates.

Personalize it.

You can also add extra pieces of frozen fruits in your smoothies alongside your primary ingredients, like organic fruits and vegetables. Adding these frozen fruits adds to the thickness and coldness of your smoothie. You will end up with a slushie or a milkshake-like drink.

If you do not have frozen fruit or ice, you can add grains to your smoothie to make it thicker. Oatmeal, quinoa, and chia seeds give your smoothie more fiber and protein. It does not affect the taste of your drink, but it provides you with some of the best smoothie consistencies.

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