How to Prepare Your Home for All Four Seasons

Utah is no stranger to inclement weather conditions that each season brings. Winter storms, heavy rains, and lightning are some of the extreme hazards the Beehive State experiences. Naturally, such events may cause damage to your home. Check out the different ways you can prepare your house for the harsh weather conditions in each season:


Sealing your home is the top priority to prevent damage due to heavy snowfall and freezing wind. Cover all leaks and drafts in your home in Utah. Repair the cracks in your asphalt driveway. Melted snow can seep into those cracks and eventually impact the structural integrity of your driveway.

If you have a garage, don't forget to seal its windows and doors. To find the drafts in your garage and other rooms, you can hold a candle near the closed windows or doors and see if the flame is blown. Besides improving the insulation of your home, fixing drafts can also save you money. It can reduce your energy use and cut your bills by 10% to 20%.


The season of new beginnings brings sunlight and warmer temperatures. It also means different challenges compared to winter. Dwight Barnett from the American Society of Home Inspectors recommends checking faucets for freeze damage and hoses for dry rot. The season also brings in frequent rains. Avoid serious problems like road damage and wood-rotting by clearing out your gutter. After the chilly season, you may be itching to plant new plants to revitalize your garden. But, you may have to wait for the last snowfall in May because of Utah's unpredictable weather.


Check if your air conditioners are in top shape. Remember to have the filters cleaned or replaced every month or two, depending on your usage. If you have a swimming pool, you can get a pool cover, so you don't have to remove the debris from the water as often. To help fight the warm weather, consider painting your roof white. There are studies around the world that show this can lower the temperature. Since storms and lightning are frequent in Utah even in summer, think of getting a lightning rod to intercept a possible strike.


Gardener raking fall leaves in garden

Fall foliage is pretty, but it can get unruly when it's not maintained. Grab a rake and clean the dead leaves off your yard. If you have allergies, get somebody else to do the dirty work since it can trigger allergic reactions.

The new season also means pests move indoors. Make sure to seal all crevices, big or small, before September to keep rats and other pests out. You can get non-toxic pesticides for your garden to ward them off. You can also call a professional pest exterminator to get rid of pests and ensure the problem won't recur.

No matter the season, remember to do frequent checks and consult professionals for necessary repairs and other maintenance services. Your house and its appliances can stand the test of time with proper care. With ample home preparation and improvements, you can make your family's day-to-day life comfortable and convenient all-year-round.

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