How to Stand Out With Creative External Signage for Your Store

store signageIf you’re running a startup business in Utah’s booming economy, it can be hard to stand out. Everyone is looking out for ways to gain an edge in the world of eCommerce and digital marketing, and the top-notch IT sector here means that competition in that area is fierce. But if you have a physical storefront, you can stand out by investing in an old-fashioned, tried and tested method: exterior signage.

Because of their immersion in the digital world, many young creatives don’t give as much weight to the power of tangible, traditional media in advertising. It’s well known that a great store sign is the most reliable salesperson for your brand – it’s there 24/7 every day of the year, delivering a message to potential customers passing by. But what works in digital media often doesn’t translate to a physical sign – and this is where you can put in the effort and set yourself apart.

Here are some material options to effectively use creative signage for your Utah store.


Using materials such as canvas or tarp, it’s easy to produce signage that matches a digitally rendered design. This means that much of the work can be done quite quickly on a computer, which – together with the cost of the material – makes this an inexpensive option.

That cost-effectiveness can make it hard to stand out with fabric-based signage, though. If it’s easy or affordable, more competitors will be doing it. Having a great design won’t be enough. Try to wrap your fabric around a lightbox and stand out at night. Or you can make an awning with your design on it. This device will provide cooling shade to your store and invite potential customers as a form of shelter.


The average person wouldn’t know how most metal works are created. Metal cutting, casting, and welding techniques are expensive and indicate that your services are at a higher standard. At its best, the finished sign should take advantage of that to communicate sleek, polished results, reliability, and professionalism.


Wood is a versatile and timeless material that can be creatively carved, finished, and even burnt for a unique look. When used effectively, wood can instantly communicate authenticity and durability, along with a sense of the rustic and bespoke. Wood is also a rare material that can benefit from weathering – if your brand can take advantage of the distressed look, a well-made exterior wooden sign will only get better with age.


Welcome to Las Vegas neon sign

A neon sign is, without a doubt, the best way to be seen at night. If your business runs in the evening hours, or if you set up in a city with plenty of nighttime traffic, being visible after dark is vital for exposure. Keep in mind, though, that many other businesses in the area will probably have bright signs of their own.

How do you stand out at night when the lights come on? This is where good design comes into play. Your choice of typography, colors, and contrast will make all the difference when it comes to instantly communicating your style and what you do with a single glance at your sign.

Digital exterior signs are another option, allowing you to customize your display and keep things fresh and engaging with a slideshow of visuals. However, the cost to size ratio often constrains most stores to smaller digital signage, which can reduce effectiveness.

These are but a few of many other creative options for exterior signs. Put in the effort, and you can stand out in your location.

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