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How to Stay Fit During Holidays

During Christmas or New Year, your days will be full of family reunions and other festivities filled with tempting treats. That is why it is no surprise that a lot of us forcefully try to forget our expanding waistlines during the entire holiday season. However, this year should be different.

This year, you are committing to changing your life by following a fitness regime. You can complete it with a healthy diet and help from a personal trainer in Fremont. It might sound tedious, but you can do it. With that in mind, here are a few pointers to help you stay in shape even during the holidays.

Create a Plan

You are not going to be able to make the holiday season special without planning. Thus, if you want to maintain your diet, it is best to come up with a diet program. Experts recommend restraining yourself when eating breakfast. Instead, you can try to rearrange your calorie intake throughout the entire day to give you leeway for a party ahead of time. You can also consider having a whey protein shake to keep your hunger at bay.

It is also recommended thinking about the food that you will eat at the party. Try to keep your intake light if you feel that you will be tempted to eat a few high-calorie dishes.

Be Ready

If you are unsure about whether you will have enough time to have a workout, it is best to have a backup plan. Try bringing a workout plan with you on your trip. Choose an exercise routine that you can do anywhere. You can bring light pieces of equipment like resistance bands. They are easy to carry or stash away in your bag. You can also bring a workout DVD or stream workout videos online at night or in the morning.

Avoid Sitting for Too Long

Although the holidays are all about dinner parties, you will find yourself lounging for several hours. Thus, you might want to avoid sitting in front of the fireplace or TV. Try your best to be on your toes and be more active. You can do a little bit of house cleaning or dance a little. Every little physical activity can help.

Stay Hydrated

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Another way to suppress hunger is drinking a lot of water. You can start each day by following your regime. You can consider tracking your food intake as well as your physical activity level.

There are times when our brain confuses thirst with hunger. With that in mind, drinking water before having a meal can satiate the hunger that you feel.

Spending your time with your family is a great way to celebrate the entire holiday season. However, if you are on a diet and you want to maintain it, then it is best to stick to your regime as much as you can. Changing to a much healthier lifestyle can be difficult. Still, if you are determined enough to push through with it, then you will ultimately achieve your fitness goals.

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