How to Stay Hale and Hearty in the Time of COVID-19

The COVID-19 outbreak has turned the world upside down. This mysterious disease has claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands across the planet. With no end in sight, many economies are hesitant to open fully.

However, the latest eBay statistics show that shoppers are keen to stay healthy at home. Some of the top-selling products on the platform since the pandemic broke out have been indoor and outdoor sporting goods.

The sales of pre-loved pieces of strength and training, as well as cardio equipment, have soared by 694% and 181%, respectively. Transactions involving secondhand golf training aids have also risen by 119%.

Most of us may not be able to go out and do our business as usual until herd immunity is achieved one way or another. But we could maintain our wellness as we do our best to live through this trying time.

Aside from observing good personal hygiene, which is one of our best defenses against the insidious coronavirus, below are the soundest pieces of lifestyle advice to remain hale and hearty amid the pandemic.

Find Work-Life Balance

Some of the conveniences of working from home are deceiving. Not having to dress up and commute to do your job may seem like a dream, but it comes with its own sets of challenges.

If you’re not used to a flexible work arrangement, you’ll likely struggle to manage your time well. Leaving the office is an excellent signal to switch from work mode to home. Without it, you might put in more hours without accomplishing too much work due to major time wasters.

To find perfect work-life balance, learn how to focus on the task at hand, a Herculean task when there’s not a boss around. Also, build transitions that could tell you when your “workday” starts and ends.

The faster you could develop a healthy routine, the more you could separate your professional and personal lives without leaving your residence.

Socialize Digitally

Senior couple having a video call

It’s not advisable to physically meet friends and relatives yet to reduce the possibility of contracting the virus and help flatten the curve. Thankfully, we have the internet and social media now.

Connect with others during breaks or after work so that you won’t miss your loved ones too much. Catching up digitally is not the same as having dinner or going out for coffee. But it’s our best antidote for loneliness in the time of COVID-19.

Put a Premium on Self-Care

Our fast-paced lives have compelled us to eat fast food and deprived ourselves of sleep. But if the pandemic has a silver lining, it’s the opportunity to reassess our lifestyles and love ourselves better.

Use this time to fix your diet and develop a healthy eating pattern. If you could, try to get a good night’s sleep every day to boost your immune system.

The COVID-19 scare is a health crisis. It’s already been a disaster. But you ought to concentrate on activities that promote wellness to avoid ending up in an unfavorable statistic.

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