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Ice Cream: The Go-to Comfort Food

Ice cream is everybody’s favorite all time treat. It’s wonderful that a dessert that has existed for nearly thousands of years still continues to give happiness to ice cream lovers today. The worldwide popularity of ice cream gave rise to a thousand flavor possibilities, making it an exciting treat to have every time.

Traditional ice cream was made long before modern refrigeration was ever invented. Dairy was the main ingredient in traditional ice cream recipes, but later evolved to have varieties. Influences in culture and tradition contributed to the evolution of the ice cream we enjoy today.

In Victorian times, ice cream was considered as a status symbol because access to ice and refrigeration can only be afforded by the wealthy. That was the time when iceboxes and old-fashioned domestic ice cream making machinery were invented.

Processes for making traditional ice cream are exactly the same as before. Dairy is pasteurized and homogenized by mixing with cream. Fruit juices are mixed to provide flavor and color. The mix is then poured in containers for churning in machines, which is now easier since refrigeration is accessible.

Being one of America’s favorite dessert, selling ice cream can be a lucrative business opportunity. In fact, ice cream shops can be found almost everywhere at the mall and street corners. Why not consider getting a franchise for ice cream shops?

The Science of Ice Cream

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Why do we have an affinity for ice cream? What makes ice cream irresistible whenever we need to perk ourselves up or when dealing with bad breakups? The answer is comfort food. The term has been around since 1966, and was coined to refer to a feeling of security and nostalgia when eating any favorite food. Psychologists describe it today as a mechanism to cope with the stress of everyday life.

Ice cream has energizing and calming effects due to its ingredients. It has protein that is made up of amino acids, which affects our moods. It boosts the tyrosine — a neurotransmitter that raises dopamine and norepinephrine, resulting in alertness. Dairy-based ice cream contains milk protein with amino acids known as tryptophan, which has a mood calming effect by increasing serotonin production in our brain.

The Kinds of Ice cream

Ice cream as comfort food can come in a variety of ways because of certain diet and cultural background. The common ice cream that we know is also known in the food industry as ordinary or hard ice cream. This is the traditional recipe that we all know and love with available variations. Low fat or light ice cream is a type of ordinary ice cream, which has reduced saturated fat of about 25%. Soft ice cream is basically the same as the ordinary, but it is churned in higher temperature settings, producing a smooth and creamy treat. Lactose-free and gluten-free ice cream also exists and is a friendlier version of the ordinary ice cream for ice cream lovers with specialized diets. Vegan options also exist and are enjoyed by people with plant-based diets.

Ice cream puts a smile on people’s faces whichever ice cream flavor or type they choose. It triggers happiness in all of us, and that is the magic of food that is worth sharing to everybody.

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