Storm door being repaired

Improve Home Security and Energy Efficiency with a Storm Door

Sometimes, a screen door is not enough. They keep insects and stray animals away, but a typical screen door will not stand against strong wind and rain. When the weather takes a turn for the worse, you would need to rely on something sturdier.

It’s time to speak to a manufacturer of storm doors in Denver, Colorado who can provide your family with better protection against the elements.

The building envelope

The building envelope keeps your home secure. The main door with a secure lock is already a burglar deterrent. With the addition of a sturdy storm door, the entryway is locked twice over. That is a huge boost for home security.

The environment outside your home is an unconditioned environment. The door is an important component of the building envelope, which retains the conditioned environment inside, where it is comfortable and hospitable. To maintain your home’s livability, the entry door must be secure. When this part of the house is weak, the building envelope is not sealed adequately. The entryway protects the occupants against the inclement weather. In addition, the condition of the entryway influences the energy efficiency of your home.

Boosting energy efficiency

A typical storm door protects the main entryway while still allowing proper ventilation. Manufacturers use various types of materials, such as fiberglass, wood, PVC, and aluminum. These days, the most popular doors are made from PVC and fiberglass. Homeowners prefer sturdy doors that require little upkeep. When choosing the material, there is one other requirement: The material and door design must also boost energy efficiency.

By choosing the right material, the storm door plays its part in regulating indoor temperature and saving energy in the long term. Nevertheless, you must realize that there is more to improving energy efficiency than just choosing the right type of door. Step it up with relevant upgrades on quality weather stripping, air duct maintenance, and choosing indoor appliances that are energy savers.

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