Organic Fruits and Vegetables

Integrating Organic Products Can Help Expand Your Business

These days, consumers are obsessed with eating healthy foods. The reason is simple – eating healthy contributes to healthy living. As an owner of a small food business, you can incorporate simple, inexpensive yet healthy foods into your menu.

All you need to do is come up with a good recipe and then contact leading suppliers of wholesale organic fruit and vegetables. But why choose organic? Read on to find out.

Less Exposure to Pesticides

Organic farming does not use artificial pesticides and commercial fertilizers to grow crops. As such, fruits and vegetables are naturally grown. But while pesticides and fertilizers are widely used because it was deemed safe by industry regulators, health experts warned that it could cause potential harm to humans when consumed for a long time.

Without chemicals and preservatives, you can taste the freshness of the fruits and vegetables, and you get the untainted nutrients they contain.


Organic farming naturally cultivates the land and enhances soil fertility while it contributes to the reduction of soil erosion. As such, planting in fertile lands allows you to conserve water and energy.

Furthermore, livestock animals such as pigs, chickens, goats, and cows will produce organic meat and other healthy products, which give roughly 50 percent more omega-3 fatty acids, a form of unsaturated healthy fat. In addition, studies show that people living close to organic farms are healthier.

Healthy Lifestyle

The use of commercial pesticides and fertilizers that genetically modifies the crops are said to have a negative impact on people’s immune system. As it turns out, some fertilizers contain antibiotics. Continuous intake of commercially grown crops increases your body’s resistance to antibiotics; therefore, weakening your body’s natural immune system. Organic farms use natural antibiotics to keep their animals healthy.

By targeting the health-conscious market, you are tapping the growing network of consumers who are looking to meet their daily requirements for organic foods. Who knows, this could be the key to expanding your business in the future.

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