Interior Doors: Buying Tips for Homeowners

Interior DoorDoors play a huge part in your home’s functionality and aesthetics, so it is important to pick the right one. While the main door and back door are the most visible to visitors, however, it also matters that you choose suitable interior doors.

Should you go for an interior timber door or a sliding one? Which one is more convenient for your household? Below are some tips to help you find ace interior doors for your home. 

  1. Size

The first thing to consider when choosing your interior door is the size. Standard door sizes are easy to find. In fact, pre-hung doors are a popular choice for their reasonable rates. Door height and size customisation is possible as well.

On another note, if your household needs handicap accessibility, you may opt for bigger doors.

  1. Construction

You may differentiate doors based on the production method and materials used to make them. The common door materials are wood, metal, glass and mirrors. Door suppliers use them to make a variety of products including sliding doors, pocket doors, folding doors or French doors.

  1. Sound

Sound transmission class (STC) rates how well interior doors reduce airborne sounds. It measures how loud or soft the sound that passes through the doors is. A higher STC means less sound could pass through.

  1. Swing

Another factor to consider is the door swing. Do you want it on your left-hand or right-hand side? The swing type would determine where the handles, knobs and hinges are when you order or customise a door.

  1. Design

Lastly, take the time to pick out a colour and design to match your home or your room’s theme.

Interior doors are not as visible to passers-by as main doors are, but to your household, seeing them is as common as breathing air. With that said, choosing a proper one is an important process.

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