Keep Your Home Pest Free With These 5 Practical Ideas

Pest Control Services in ElkhartPests and rodents take shelter during the winter months. They can invade cracks in your home, sheds or any crevices. Once they are in, they can stay throughout spring, summer and fall as they now have a source of shelter and food.

While sometimes you may not be aware of an infestation, there are some signs that will tell you that your home has been invaded by pests. According to Yes Pest Pros, Inc., pest control service providers can help determine the scope of the problem and help you come up with a plan to minimize the chances of the pests returning. Here are some ways you can pest-proof your home.

Trim Branches and Tree Limbs Near Your House

Termites and squirrels tend to hide on branches and overhanging limbs. Cutting down these branches will ensure that the pests do not have a possible point of entry. Store any firewood away from your home.

Store Your Food in Sealed Containers

Mice, cockroaches, and weevils tend to be attracted to food.  Buy containers to store your food and ensure that you can properly seal them to avoid any instance of pests crawling into your food.

Mow Your Lawn and the Plants Around

Tall grass or a yard that has accumulated debris tends to attract different kinds of pests. Have your lawn mowed if you have tall grass and clear any debris on your yard that may possibly attract pests.

Inspect Your Home’s Exterior and Interior

Check your homes for small cracks or holes that may be used as an entry point by small rodents. Be sure to check your roof and attic for any holes.

Clean Your Kitchen

Mop your floors of any crumbs, clean dishes and remove any food from all surfaces.

Schedule Inspections

Even if you believe that your home is pest free, it is crucial to schedule a regular inspection. This helps assess the areas more prone to pest infestation. An expert will then treat your home to keep pests away.

These are some of the ways you can pest-proof your home. If this doesn’t work, contact a pest control company which will help you eradicate any pests or rodents that may be troubling you.

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