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Keep Your Pipes in Good Condition With This Maintenance Checklist

One of the essential parts of your home is the plumbing. It ensures that your home has a solid supply of water and drains away any wastewater. Most of the time, homeowners forget about it. The problem is that improper plumbing maintenance would cause problems for your home.

Here is a list of the various components you need to keep it in good shape:


One of the main places that you use your water is the bathroom. Depending on your set-up, you might have a shower or a bathtub. You might even have both. These areas are also where most of your focus will be on. The faucets and drains in them are important. For faucets, they are susceptible to leaks. Even a minor washer problem can lead to a leak. Leaving it alone can lead to dripping away gallons of water.

The drains of your tub and shower area are another point of concern. Soap and hair will drain towards them while you bathe. The problem is that both of these can clog your pipes. It would be a good idea to place a simple drain cover to catch all these debris for later disposal.

Finally, your bathroom also has a toilet. Your toiler is the most mechanically-complex item in your bathroom. You need to ensure that it is in prime working condition by checking if it flushes properly. Malfunctions with your toiler can lead to continual flushing and even leaks.

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Another major area for water usage in the kitchen. The sink will have faucets and drains also. They will need to be checked regularly to ensure no clogs or leaks are happening to them. Take note that you will notice a potential clog by slow drainage when you are washing dishes or working on a meal.

Other appliances that use up water in the kitchen are the dishwasher and the garbage disposal. Ensure that your garbage disposal always smells clean. This is a sign that nothing is stuck inside it. Dishwashers also need proper plumbing connections to operate so ensure that they are tight and waterproof so no leaks happen.


Your home produces thousands of gallons of dirty water. This ranges from simply used bathwater to the water you flush down your toilet. The important thing to remember is that all of your dirty water needs to go away from your house. Clogs in your drainage system are bad. This is why you need to be careful about what you dump into your sinks and toilets. Avoid absorbent materials and greasy substances. This is because they form major blockages in pipes.

Still, dirt will build up in your pipes. That is why you need to look for a local provider of professional sewer pipe jetting in Utah and other nearby states. This process sends a scouring gadget through the pipe to completely remove any dirt inside. This ensures that your sewer connection will work perfectly for a long time.

Your plumbing system is an essential part of your home. Leaks and clogs in any part of it can be a major disruption to your life. That is why the tips above should be a big help.

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