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Keeping Things Cool: Basic Guidelines on AC Maintenance

air conditioning unitSalt Lake City has one of the hottest and driest summers, which is why many homeowners have an AC unit or two to keep themselves comfortable during these humid months. Of course, owning an AC unit means you also need to know how to maintain it.

There are different reasons people need to regularly maintain their AC units. For some, they just want to make sure their unit is performing at its best, while others intend to maximize the equipment’s operation efficiency to save on their bills. To make the maintenance process easier, here are some helpful tips from

Understand How AC Systems Work

ACs can be likened to a refrigerator in terms of how they work, as both perform thermodynamic processes to maintain a certain temperature. Check the user manual for the specifications of your AC system, especially the power, voltage, and current ratings. It’s also important to know the different troubleshooting steps. Take time to read the FAQ printed on the user manual.

Watch Out for Electrical Hazards

Determine the location of the circuitries and electrical connections, and make sure water or any foreign object could never get into them. You should never touch any of these with your bare hand or even with any non-insulated tool or material. If there is a need to check the electrical connections, make sure that you turn the AC off first and pull the plug from the socket.

Check Other AC Details

Whether it is a central air conditioner or a standalone one, be mindful of common problems like air duct leaks, refrigerant leaks, electric control malfunctions, low AC airflow, corrosion on electrical connections, and undercharged or overcharged refrigerant. Although most of the solutions to this problem can be found in your user manual, there are times when you might have to call in an AC installation and repair professional.

Clean the Coils and Filter

Dirt accumulates in the evaporator and condenser coils of an AC. This causes reduction in airflow or the ability to cool or heat your home efficiently. Check these coils occasionally and remove the accumulated dirt. The same also goes for the filter unit.

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