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Kids’ Safety 101: Most Popular Kid-friendly Flooring Options

As a young mother, nothing should matter more than ensuring the safety of your child. This is especially true now that you’ve been working remotely and spending more time with them at home. Oftentimes, however, you can get caught up with a lot of your other responsibilities and fail to look out for them. This is a completely understandable situation, but you shouldn’t have to worry about their safety at home.

Recently, there have been a lot of tips from experts on how to keep your kids safe and healthy throughout the year in light of the global pandemic. Although they may get into a few accidents and get minor injuries, you’d still want your children to grow up in a secure environment. Nothing should be safer than the comforts of your own home.

Let Them Run Free

Taking care of your child’s safety will always begin in the household. The home should be a haven for them to run around, explore, and learn as they grow, even more so now as localized lockdowns and shelter-in-place guidelines remain. Doing so will usually start from the ground up, literally. Simply having the proper flooring around your home will definitely prove to guarantee your kids’ safety.

There are plenty of flooring options out there, but not all of them are suitable for kids to run around on. Make sure you choose the right one that promises to keep your child safe at all times. Sourcing these from trusted floor coating manufacturers and installing them properly are also crucial aspects to consider.

You shouldn’t necessarily be concerned even when your child bumps, falls or spills something on your floors. With that being said, here are some kid-friendly flooring options you could consider installing in their bedrooms—or any area of the house that your kids frequent—to rid you of all these worries.

Plush Carpets

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Going for carpeted flooring in rooms that your child likes to play in is a pretty common choice for a lot of parents. It’s extremely soft, which offers great cushioning for floors that will effectively prevent any injuries from tripping or falling. With carpets, thicker will always be better because it will help to increase its padding without sacrificing comfort.

Choosing carpets as the flooring will also prove to have benefits for you as a mother, especially when working from home. It will essentially serve as a sound-absorber that will greatly reduce any of the noise that your kid might produce from playing or running around the room. Keep in mind, however, that regular deep cleaning is a must since carpets are widely known for accumulating stains, dirt, and dust.

Corked Out

Another soft material you could consider for flooring in different spaces around your home is cork. It possesses characteristics similar to carpets, but it’s highly anti-microbial. This will guarantee that the rooms your child likes to visit will be free of any harmful microorganisms. It’s also anti-static, meaning it will easily repel dust and stains making cleaning a lot easier on your end.

It’s generally a healthier and cleaner material when compared to carpeted flooring. However, it’s important to note that cork is very susceptible to damage. A few light scratches and touches from hard plastics with pointed edges can easily tear the material. If you’re going for cork, consider installing it in tiles so you can replace any battered areas if necessary.

Playroom Rubber

Rubber flooring can perhaps provide the best cushioning from slips and falls. This is precisely why it’s the material that’s typically used in playgrounds. Rubber is also extremely durable in comparison to most flooring options and doesn’t really require a lot of maintenance. This makes it a very popular choice for parents looking for good-quality flooring.

Another big advantage of rubber flooring is that it doesn’t use adhesive to be secured, which has been found to emit small toxic emissions in most cases. It’s practically the best material you can get, but it can also get a little pricey. Rubber floors are some of the more expensive choices you can choose from. It will often have a noticeable smell as well, which isn’t harmful but it can be disturbing for some children.

No Need to be Floored

There are plenty of other things to consider when choosing kid-friendly flooring. Durability from use and abuse, maintenance, health implications, and pricing are just some of them. Ultimately, however, installing these kinds of floors in your kid’s favorite places around the house will surely help to put you at ease. You can be confident that they’ll still be safe and healthy while running free, even outside of your supervision because—let’s face it—you can’t always be around to look after them. These are some of the most popular options readily available, find the material that works best for you and your child.

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