Know the Importance of Being in the First 3 Pages of SERPs

SEO Specialists in BrisbaneWhen you have a website, it is important that you seek an SEO specialist to make sure it lands on the first three pages of search engines so that you can maximise its revenue-generating potential.

Do you have a website? Chances are you already have especially if you have started your business just recently. Now next to this most basic question is this, “Where is your website on SERPs?” If you answer, “I do not know,” then there is a little problem that needs to be solved here. Why? If you do not have an idea as to where your website is at the moment, particularly at what page of SERPs, then your business has not yet reached its maximum potential.

Much Coveted SERPs

Do you have an idea what SERPs are? According to Small Biz Trends, Search Engine Results Pages or SERPs, are basically the pages where Google or any other search engine provide the results for the terms that you searched. Take Google for instance, have you noticed that when you search something, there’s Page 1, 2, 3, and so on? These are the pages and the resulting websites which Google came up with are the “results.” This is why it is SERPs.

Page 1 Wins the Race

Think about landing on page one of SERPs as a race. Why? Those websites that land on the first page are often the ones that end up being clicked by users. You must have experienced searching for something on Google and you simply clicked or “Opened in New Tab” the top five results on the first page. This is highly understandable because people today are busy and would not have all the time in the world to check out page two or three. In fact, best practices dictate that your initial aim is to land on the first three pages. After this is established, aim for page one and you will never go wrong.

The Journey Towards Page One

While being on Page one is basically the goal of every website, it is not a walk in the park. Google and other search engines have certain metrics that a website needs to comply with. An SEO specialist at Bambrick Media understands what these metrics are and they are equipped with the knowledge and experience that would be essential to fine tune your website. Remember, you are competing with millions of websites out there that are also vying to land on page one for a certain search string.

More Visits, More Revenues

According to Entrepreneur, if your website does not generate a lot of traffic, then it follows that your site is not also earning much. Remember that the more traffic your website gets, the more that it can generate income for you. So try to consult an SEO expert, so that you can be assured that your website parameters are in accordance with what search engines require.

Now it has become quite clear why your website would require professional help. Without one, you may not be able to see your website reach its maximum potential in terms of revenues or visit. The goal here is to be in the first pages of SERPs so that you will get more traffic. So start now because time is of the essence.

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