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Latest Trends for Incorporating Videos Into Your Website

One of the primary areas that influence the impact of a business website is its background. Videos, rather than static backgrounds, are currently the best option since they capture your clients’ attention better and make your site more interesting. You can also use videos to give your customers a glimpse of your brand.

Background website videos, however, aren’t the simple ones taken on mobile devices and then uploaded. They require the services of experts in small business web development for the video background to work for your site without slowing down its loading speed. Here are the latest style trends the experts might recommend for your video background.

Simple Contrast Videos

Consumers are currently leaning towards minimalism. A simple background video with heavy contrast, therefore, can make your site stand out. The variation can be achieved by lightening or darkening your video or text. This style trend is ideal for videos with one or two colors and uniform footage.

Muted Videos

Loud audio on your background video usually turns off most customers and leads to high bounce rates. The ideal option is to have a mute background video with an option for clients to press on the audio. This also boosts the satisfaction of your clients since they feel like they’re in control of your site.

Partial-Height Videos

Your video background doesn’t need to occupy an entire screen. You can limit your video’s height and leave space for other elements on your webpage. Partial-height videos will fit perfectly into your header without dwarfing your site’s other content.

One of the marketing challenges faced by small businesses is attracting clients who are already loyal to established brands. But older websites are focusing on images while videos currently draw over 80% of website traffic. With the above style trends, you can place your site ahead of the established ones and amass a huge following within minimal time.

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