Dentist explaining to an old woman

What to look for in a good dentist

Anyone who has ever moved to a new county will know that it takes at least a couple of years to put down roots and feel established. Relationships and local knowledge accumulate over time. Much can be left to evolve organically over time, but there is one important relationship newcomers are wise to start building as soon as they can after the utilities are on and working. This is the relationship with a new dentist. In Buckinghamshire, there are many to choose from and finding one that suits depends not only on location. Procrastinating is always appealing, but accidents and illnesses happen and then people need an emergency dentist straightaway.

When people move to a large county like Buckinghamshire, dentistclinics are abound.Nothing beats visiting a few to find that one special clinic that feels just right, such as Garden View Dental Care.

Dentists practising legally in the UK are registered with the General Dental Council. The GDC has the details of all dental professionals on its website so that patients can look up a prospective dentist, using their registration number. The GDC number can be found under the dentist’s name on the dental clinic website. This GDC register details when and where the dentist studied, what qualifications they have gained and if they are a registered specialist in any particular branch of dentistry.

The dentist’s website will also say if the practice has had a check-up from the Care Quality Commission. There should be a section about the practice that includes a link to the commission’s latest report on the practice.

In fact, the practice website is a great place to start. Looking at several websites helps in drawing up a short list of dentists in Buckinghamshire to go and visit. Many dental practice websites include photographs of the practice’s waiting area, dental surgery rooms, and their equipment.

It’s a very good idea to go in person to have a look at the practice. Relationships with the dentist are strangely intimate. These professionals get to gaze into people’s mouths while they lie back, somewhat vulnerable, under a big light. No wonder many people find going to the dentist unnerving. That’s why going to visit a dentist before committing is a good idea.

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