Mental health

Maintaining a Good Mental Condition for Study, Work, and the Home

One of the activities that you can do at home while waiting out the end of the pandemic is to pursue further study. The prices of online courses are at an all-time low, and there are many skills and areas of knowledge that you can choose from. But if you’re going to do this along with managing a household and work at home, then your mental health might suffer.

Have Support Ready

You may fancy yourself to be a strong, multitasking woman, but a real trait of one is being able to tell when to ask others for assistance. There are a number of people around you, including your family members, friends, and classmates, even though they may be far from you. Don’t be shy in reaching out to them and having a chat or two. And if they’re with you, you can also ask them for help with your other tasks. If you need to, take some remote therapy sessions.

Set a Schedule

It’s already recommended for full-time students to establish a routine for themselves in order to keep their focus. You as someone who is also working and managing a household has even more reason to do so. If your chosen course has a schedule, then you can work your other tasks around it. Otherwise, you can fit it into your already existing one. Again, if you need to delegate some of your tasks, feel free to do so. It can leave you with more time to do the things that you need to.

friends hugging each otherTake Time to Move

By moving, we don’t mean your housework. Taking the time to exercise can be beneficial for both your body and your brain. For the former, you can release the tension that has built up from sitting for a prolonged period, and it helps keep you fit. For the latter, it’s an opportunity to get your mind away from all the thinking. There are many exercises that you can read up online and try out, and a lot of them can be done without equipment.

Rest When Necessary

Since you’re working hard, you should also be ready to play hard. Be aware of signs that your body and mind can’t handle anymore, such as feeling tired and being unable to retain any more information. Rest when that happens, and don’t deprive yourself of it. You can choose to sleep, or you can do light, relaxing tasks, such as games and meditation. Taking the time for rest helps you become more productive, and this applies to any kind of work that you do.

Studying to gain a new skill or piece of knowledge can be helpful for your self-development, but you don’t need to ruin your mental health in the process. In fact, you’d need your mind to be in the best condition so you can retain the information that you learn. Making the effort to take care of it is even more important now that you also have full-time work and a household to manage.

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