Make Your Mark: Creating an Impression to Wow Your Clients

Signet Seals All businesses want to be on top of someone’s list. It’s business survival, plain and simple. There are many ways to keep your name on people’s lips and this article shares one classic suggestion.

An Illustrious Past

Historically, seals came in the form of signet rings. These bore distinctive designs that represented the person who used them. Worn by rulers or others of similarly high status, signet rings were used to sign and secure everything from documents to tombs. To see an official mark meant authenticity and security — the latter, in particular, because these seals of wax or clay could not be opened without causing damage. As additional “insurance”, seals belonging to people in power were typically destroyed upon the owner’s death.

What You See

Ring designs typically featured the family crest or a coat of arms. A ring maker creates the design in mirror image to either affix on the ring or create a mould. When pressed into wax, the impression left would then register correctly. Signet rings can be traced as far as ancient Egypt with later incarnations turning up as hand-held seals.

What It Means

Using wax seals for correspondence began some time in the Middle Ages. It kept letters closed, ensuring the contents of the letter were in fact written by the sender. Today, wax seals present this same image and impression of security when used for letters. Though many seals can be bought commercially, some enthusiasts do make the effort to have personalised designs created for them.

A Seal of Approval

Seals are a highly eye-catching embellishment despite its simplicity. Your label as a signet seal triggers the same sense of authenticity and quality as seals are wont to represent. It also lends a touch of elegance to products and packaging, sending the message that you deliver only the best. Regardless of the material used, signet seals can be the ultimate assurance of the high standards you set for your brand. So if you’re confident that you can set the bar in your industry, show your clients you’re serious. Give your products that seal of approval.

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