loose diamonds

Making Diamonds Last For More than a Thousand Years

An important jewelry heirloom is meant to be cherished. But there are times when it unfortunately breaks down or you inadvertently damage it. In these instances, it’s better to trust a professional with the restoration than doing it yourself to prevent more damage to the gems and the setting.

loose diamonds

Repairing Your Jewelry

Losing the gem on your grandmother’s trinket is a problem you can fix easily. You just have to look online for loose diamonds like the one you’ve misplaced. It’s not important that you get a diamond that has clarity similar to old one, as it can be difficult to distinguish between two different stones.

Modifying the Design

Some antique jewelry look too dated to be worn with the current fashion. Check out how you can change the form of the piece so you can wear it often. A chunky necklace can become a bracelet or an armlet. You can also browse a range of loose diamonds online to supplement your preferred design. Ask jewelers for advice about what suits your jewelry. They can help you choose the right settings and other features.

Caring for Your Trinkets

Find out how you can keep your jewelry shining to make their beauty last a long time. Learning how to clean them will extend their lives and enable you to enjoy wearing them for years and years.

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