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Making Your Backyard More Beautiful with Colourful Playground Equipment

Girl in SwingOne of the best ways to make your backyard more functional and fun, especially for your kids, is to install sets of playground equipment. These could include a slide, swing, see-saw or some climbing frames.

You can make your backyard more useful and beautiful by installing playground equipment. To do this, you can always purchase playground equipment made of plastic. However, their colours could fade when exposed to extreme weather conditions and this could happen after only several months. What you will have by then is playground equipment that appears to be washed-out, with evidence of brittleness starting to show. So what is your alternative?

Go Metal

You can opt for custom-designed metal playground equipment, the kind of which you normally see in children’s park. Unlike playground equipment sets that are made of plastics, outdoor play equipment made of metal are more durable and can handle greater weights. This means no more warnings or prohibitions for heavyset friends of your kids as you would normally do with a plastic playground equipment.

The Rust Issue

Yes, just like plastics, metal also has its downside. While plastics get brittle over time when exposed to different weather elements, metals also rust over time. According to, the combination of elements, such as metal and oxygen, produces metal oxide, which gradually eats into the metal structure. In time, heavily corroded sections can completely fail, bending the metal or snapping into two.

What to Do?

Euro-Blast NZ Ltd notes that to make your custom-designed metal equipment more impervious to elements, and to some degree, regular wear and tear, you can have them treated by a corrosion control specialist. Many of them have undergone extensive training and seminars from organisations like the Australasian Corrosion Association to equip them with technical know-how on dealing with corrosion. Armed with this knowledge, they are able to apply rust and corrosion control and protection on your metal equipment.

How Do They Do It?

Rust and corrosion control processes vary and one of the most effective is to have the metal undergo sandblasting before being powder coated with colours of your choice. The sandblasting technique is required to remove impurities on its exterior as well as the remaining oily sheen on metal surfaces. It also creates abrasion that will allow the powder coat to fully stick to the surface like it is welded on it.

What Happens After Being Treated?

When done, what you will see is a smooth and colourful finish that every kid would definitely love. To top it all, this powder finish provides your metal play equipment with superior resistance against the elements, leaving you with the same vibrant colours year after year.

Applying proper protection to the metal playground equipment in your backyard will help prevent rust and corrosion from setting in over a long period of time. This way, your kids can grow up and yet enjoy the same play equipment they have loved and played with since they were kids.

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