Managing Flat Feet and Other Feet Conditions

Flat feet or pes planus is a condition wherein there is no arch or space on the foot of a person. It is sometimes disregarded by many, but there are boundaries of what you can do if you are flat-footed. You may have a less active life because of difficulties exercising and doing workout positions. Pain is also a problem with walking and running. If you have this, you may be prone to having clumsy moments or even accidents. Since your feet cannot support the activities of your body, it may result in mishaps.

Although it may only be little, it is still a factor in your achievement every day. Flat foot is common among babies but as they grow up, it should develop well to avoid this condition. If there is a potential, be sure to consult a doctor for the initial diagnosis and intervention. Occasionally, adults also discover that they have pes planus when they are older. Take care of your body by engaging in foot therapy, exercise, or flat feet and bunion treatment sessions in Singapore or other countries.

Here are some of the ways to manage flat feet:

1. Orthotics

If you have trouble with your feet because of this condition, it is best to buy custom-made insoles for flat feet. It is highly durable with excellent quality. It can help you in your everyday activities such as walking, hiking, and climbing. It is very comfortable and it improves the posture of your body. If this is your choice, be sure to ask for the type of shoes that you can wear together with the orthotics. There are shoes specifically made for foot problems. Have the assessment and final diagnosis before buying one. Consult with an expert immediately.

2. Exercises


There are some workouts that can help stretch the muscles on your feet to support your body. You may try doing the runners stretch, downward dog stretch, or toe stretch. If you need someone to assist you, you may hire a personal trainer or enrol in a fitness class. These simple ways can be done at home. You just have to remember to be safe all the time. Do not overexert yourself. There are certain activities that you can do for only a specific time. Be patient with the progress and do exercises religiously.

3. Diet

There are some cases wherein the cause of flat foot is the weight of a person. If you have this condition because of obesity, it is best to handle the problem accordingly. Maintain a healthy diet with nutritious food. Avoid sweets and fatty food, which can affect your body weight. Consult a nutritionist or a doctor on what steps you need to take for a healthier lifestyle to remove your flat feet condition.

Dealing with flat feet is not an easy feat. Your main goal is to always ask for the help of an expert. There may be no cure for this condition, but always remember that there are many ways to handle it well. Find these different options to make your life better.

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