Managing Your Family During Spring Cleaning

Your house collects all manner of dust and strange particles throughout the year. This is the reason why you should schedule spring cleaning a few times a year. This is mainly for your house's interiors, so you do not have to worry about booking that trusted landscape contractor to do work in your garden. Well, you can book them for another time at the very least. 

Spring cleaning can become very challenging if you do not have it planned out. Any house is too large for one person to clean. Couple that with kids that get in your way, and you have a recipe for disaster. But do not worry, you can take control of things by involving your family.

The Low-Hanging Fruit

If you want to gather momentum, you want to start with the low-hanging fruit first. These are tasks that can be easily completed. Racking up those quick wins will get you motivated to complete the rest. How easy could these be? These should not require much physical prowess. Sweeping the floor, dusting the surfaces of shelves and other items, and picking up visible trash are among the activities that you can waste little effort on.

If you have kids, you can have them help you out here, too. That way you can keep them occupied, plus it makes your job much easier.

Watch the Young Ones


The thing about little kids is that they can be unpredictable. One moment they are cooperating with you, the next minute you might see them thrash the whole place. Handling them can be challenging and it can affect how quickly you want to finish the cleaning task. If distracting them with toys or other stuff is not enough to keep them from bothering you, put your focus on them first. Take them to another room and give them anything they can play with. Make them stay there for as long as they can, as that will buy you a lot of time so you can cover a lot of ground. 

It is better to make the effort to get them away from the task at hand instead of fighting with them the whole time. The latter might not even let you finish any job at all. In that regard, this is a step worth taking.

Heavy-Duty Tasks

Once you have gotten the easier tasks out of the way, it is time for you to face the tougher ones. This would require more brawn than brain, as this could involve moving large and heavy objects or some thorough cleaning. This would be the time where you bring out the big guns or those who could do the heavy lifting.

You could also ask for reinforcements for tasks that involve repetitive motion, like scrubbing and mopping. It can be easy at first, but it will get exhausting later on. Having more people helping you with the tasks will allow you to finish faster. You can split up and take on different rooms, or you can concentrate your focus on one room at a time. 

It may be called spring cleaning, but you can do it at any time of the year. This is a great way to maintain the beauty and the quality of your house. You may not do it very often, but this can make your home look brand new all the time.

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