Woman with Great Smile in Indiana

Maybe, You Just Didn’t Notice It: 3 Lesser Known Types of Smiles

Woman with Great Smile in IndianaDid you know there are 19 different types of smiles? Perhaps, you already know some of them — the mischievous grin, the miserable smile, the flirtatious beam, and the genuine, happy smile. But what about the other types of smiles?

The Listener Smile

Have you ever talked in front of a group and looked for someone who gives off an assuring smile so you’d know you’re still making sense? That smile you’re searching for is the listener smile. It simply indicates that a person heard and understood everything another person said. It even encourages the speaker to continue on with their speech.

This type of smile is effective for dates, as well. If you want your date to see you as a good listener, you should flash a listener smile every time your date speaks.

Take, for instance, how an orthodontist in Indiana makes it easier for people to flaunt their pearly whites. Going to the dentist can give you the confidence you need to smile during a date.

The Dampened Smile

Watch the Oscars or the Grammys and you’ll see the dampened smile. When called to go onstage and receive their awards, you would see these smiles on the faces of many celebrities.

According to psychologists who studied the science of smiles, the dampened smile is a real one. This type of smile looks forced.

Well, can you blame celebrities for suppressing their smiles? They don’t want to look too happy defeating fellow actors for their awards.

The Compliance Smile

You’ll often see this smile in an office setting. A superior will announce a few changes in the workplace, and in response, employees will acknowledge these with a smile. This type of smile looks like they swallowed a bitter pill without protest.

If you don’t want any bad air between you and your boss, you better learn how to flash that compliance smile.

These three are just some of the less popular smiles. Use them to your advantage. Who knows, these smile may come in handy for you in the future.

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