Meet Your New Neighbors by Organizing a Simple Party

People In A PartyOne of the best and quickest ways to meet your new neighbors and make friends is to organize a party in your backyard once you’re settled in.

The good thing about it is you don’t have to spend a lot to get this block party started. You’re not out to impress your neighbors after all; you’re simply organizing this event to have a chance to meet them. Many of your neighbors may also be interested in meeting you, and they may see this as a chance to hang out with other neighbors they haven’t seen in a while. It’s a win-win situation.

Here’s how to plan the party:

Ask for Help

You’ve probably already met your next-door neighbors. If you find them friendly and not too busy, you can ask them if they’d be interested in helping you organize your party. Several heads are always better than one. If you haven’t spoken much or at all with your next-door neighbors, you can also ask a few friends or your own family to help out.

Sit Down with Your Help

The next order of business is to plan the whole thing, so sit down with your friends or family and talk about what you can do to make the party happen. Items to include are what food to cook (and whether to make this a potluck party), where to have it (your backyard), whom to invite (you can’t invite the entire neighborhood after all), the date and time (weekends are great because most of your neighbors are probably free), and the delegation of tasks.

Go Out for Supplies

This is the time to get the supplies if you’re cooking. Don’t just think about the food, but think about how you’ll be serving it. Get reusable party plates and cups. Disposable ones may be more convenient, but if you’re concerned about trash and the environment, reusables are better.

As for the food, people don’t expect sophisticated dishes in these parties, so sausages and burger patties for the barbecue and some greens for the salad should be perfect. If you’re holding this on a hot day, make sure to find a tent for rental in Minneapolis to shield your guests from the sun. Electric fans are great, too. And don’t forget to rent outdoor chairs.

Go Door to Door

If your neighborhood or block has a Facebook page, you can design an announcement jpg image for it. But your neighbors will probably appreciate more if you go door to door. Do this at least a week in advance to give your neighbors a chance to save the date.

Decorate the Area

The decor shouldn’t be all that expensive. Hanging Christmas lights on your trees, fence, and shrubs should do the trick. You may also position a few tiki torches. A simple style is sometimes more welcoming and less intimidating for guests.

Meeting your neighbors is an important part of becoming a member of your new community. And a simple outdoor party is the perfect opportunity to make it happen.

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