Man fixing a roof leak

Minor Problems That Cause Roof Leaks and How to Fix Them

If you have the time, the muscle, the skills, the tools, and the lack of fear of heights, you can deal with some minor roofing issues on your own. But if you lack any or all of these, then hiring an experienced roofer to handle the job will be the best option.

Professional roof leak repair is necessary if your Utah home suffers from the consequences of having a leaky roof. Here are some minor issues that cause roof leaks:

Damaged Shingles

Shingles could fall out or curl up, causing the roof to leak. In this case, one needs to have some tracking skills to identify the area of concern. If you are lucky to find the damaged shingle, you could decide whether it simply needs repair or you should replace it.

Cracked or Blistered Roll Roofing

If your roll roofing is leaking, you need to check it for blisters or cracks. The areas of concern could be mended using roofing cement and galvanized roof nails. The nails will need to be driven along either side of the dented area. From this point, the cement ought to be spread over and pressed down.

Damaged Shakes

If the shakes on your roof are damaged, then you must replace them immediately. You could use a chisel and a hammer to split the imperfect shakes and remove them. From this point, you will need to cut out new shakes, fix them, and seal them using a caulking compound.

Loose or Damaged Connections

Your roof is likely to have various areas where two or more surfaces connect. Areas, such as where the vent pipe or chimney is installed, could have loose or damaged caulking. All you have to do is remove the damaged caulking and reapply to bond the connections.

Roofing repairs are technical. The truth is that even good training alone cannot make an outstanding roofer. For you to get lasting solutions, you need to hire an expert with years of experience under his belt. Keep in mind that a well-maintained roof enhances comfort and safety.

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