Moms as Primary Caregivers: Handling Your Child’s Terminal Diagnosis

You might be a young mother struggling to make ends meet while caring for your little one. But there is nothing that can match the happiness your baby can bring into your life. They suddenly become your light and joy, no matter how small and fragile they still might be.

But sometimes, moms will receive devastating news about their kids’ health. What they thought is part of a routine checkup led to another, up until a time when a terminal illness becomes their kid’s diagnosis. How can one cope with the shock and still provide the best care that their terminally ill angel?

Many moms feel satisfaction for being the primary caregivers of their terminally ill kids. No one deserves such a diagnosis. But then, life sometimes gets tough that one beautiful morning turns into a sour moment to remember.

Your little one needs you now more than ever. The best way to care for them is to educate yourself with their illness and find ways to ease their pain and suffering. Aside from working with their healthcare providers, here are a few other things worth keeping in mind.

Preparing the House for Their Arrival

Your little one may need to spend some time at the hospital for the doctors to run some more tests. You might be too busy running around to make sure they are comfortable in the hospital. But once the time comes when your little one can now go home, it is crucial that you prepare the house for them.

Your terminally ill baby’s health and safety are now your main priority. Regular cleaning is not enough due to their weakened immune system. This is why it helps that you invest in certain projects to make their living space a healthier and cleaner one.

Think of everything you can do to clean and disinfect the house, especially their bedroom and common area. You want more than just a spotless home. It also pays that you make the right investments to ensure the cleanliness and integrity of their room. You will want to invest in easy-to-clean furniture, pieces of equipment that are effortless to disinfect, and materials that require little-to-no maintenance.

For instance, you can consider investing in a medical utility cart equipped with drawers similar to those found in medical facilities. This helps keep their essential medical supplies organized and in one place. These are typically easier to disinfect and already come with wheels, making moving the cart around their room easier.

Make Them Feel Normal but Special at the Same Time

Parents of terminally ill patients often find themselves looking for ways to pamper their kids. They would try to do everything for them even if their little one is still capable of taking care of activities of daily living. This should not always be the case, especially for kids who can still do certain tasks without help.

So, go ahead and let them choose their clothes for the day. Allow them to eat by themselves, play games they can still play, and socialize with friends. Restrictions might be needed in place, but you still want them to enjoy their childhood despite their illness.

Discuss their condition to make it easier for them to understand why certain activities are no longer safe for them. Don’t be afraid to show them special treatment for as long as your other kids don’t feel left out. There are ways you can make them feel special while still letting them enjoy normal stuff.

Take Great Care of Yourself

Confiding your feelings after learning your kid’s diagnosis can be tricky. You want to look and stay strong for your child, prompting you to keep your struggles all to yourself. But remember that even parents need support now and then.

Don’t be afraid to talk to your loved ones about your fears, anxiety, and stress. You, too, need to have a support system that will understand your struggles as a caregiver. It also helps to talk to professionals and other parents who are going through the same challenges.

Having a good support system is just one way of taking great care of yourself while caring for your little one. You need to remember that your physical and mental health matters as much as your physical health. To cope with your little one’s diagnosis, you also need to take time to look after your health and well-being.

There is no easy way to care for your little one, let alone after receiving news of his terminal diagnosis. But there are ways you can make it work and provide the love and care they need during these trying times. The least you can do is ensure their living space is well-taken cared of before they arrive from the hospital. Make them feel normal and special, and don’t forget about caring for yourself at the same time.

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