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More than a Trend: How the Modern Rustic Look Can Inspire Your Home

Many people plan weekend camping trips if they want to get closer to nature, even if it’s just to experience great landscapes and the starry night sky. If you live in Utah, it’s possible to enjoy this experience from your backyard. Draw up some rustic furniture and gather around an outdoor fire pit with your friends and family, sharing stories and soaking up the scenery without leaving the comforts of home. Here’s how a modern rustic design can enhance your country home and make the most of a beautiful location.

The rustic trend

Design trends can be unpredictable. What’s in one day can easily be out the next. However, many designers believe that the modern rustic aesthetic is here to stay.

In general, modern rustic combines timeless elements of style with practical functionality. Designers look for materials and pieces that convey the time and effort that went into crafting them. Rather than polish, the rustic elements go for age and authenticity. The modern component comes from things that serve their function without being disguised or over-designed.

When it comes to your country home, modern rustic can be the perfect way to achieve balance. Few of us would seriously prefer doing without the amenities of modern living, but nobody wants to live in a house with too many wires or glass or steel elements – we see enough of those every day in the office. Incorporating wood or worked stone, can convey the right vibe of comfortable, casual, and sustainable, to offset the presence of technology.

Wood and stone

Perhaps the best first step would be to cover the most basic components of a modern rustic home. Wood and stone are used in many walls and ceilings of older homes – you simply have to make sure they are exposed not hidden. If you are remodeling, consider using reclaimed wood, especially for beams. Aged or distressed wood, irregular blocks of stone, all convey the rustic look beautifully.


Exposed filament bulbs are a staple of modern rustic design. Hung on a string, nestled next to wire accessories, plants, or wooden furniture, these lights are best set outdoors – in the garden or backyard, to accentuate the charm of your home. This will create a warm ambiance even before you or your guests step inside.


A rustic residence is at its best when surrounded by nature. There are many ways to get creative with your garden, walkways, and outdoor installations. However, the first place to start with landscaping is managing your trees and rocks. You’ll want to go for the best view, as though stepping out into your backyard is just like stepping into nature itself. Rearrange plants and rocks, and trim hedges as needed, to have a sweeping view of the horizon and the night sky.


Installing a fireplace indoors or out – or both – perhaps best captures the signature atmosphere of the modern rustic home. With all the conveniences of modern technology, we don’t need a fireplace to keep us warm – but this age-old design continues to do that, and more. People gather around fires for warmth and to share stories and companionship, and that is an experience technology cannot replace. If done properly, the fire can be the real heart of your rustic home, helping to create moments of genuine connection in a modern, disconnected world.

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