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Most Common Myths Surrounding Korean Food

35-word description: In this article, we will be discussing some of the most common myths about Korean food that you should never believe.

Korean cuisine has become extremely popular for the past couple of years, and of course, with that popularity comes the scrutiny. There have been lots of myths surrounding Korean dishes lately, and today, we are going to discuss the most common ones.

You do not have to hold back with your Korean food cravings after reading the debunked myths that we will be discussing below. Go ahead and rush to your favourite Korean restaurant and get your fix of Korean food in Singapore!

Myth # 1: All Koreans Eat is Meat

A lot of people from the West think that all Koreans eat is meat. While a lot of Korean recipes call for meat, this is not all that they eat. They also eat vegetables most of the time, and a lot of their recipes are only made up of vegetables.

Meat is not the centre of every Korean meal – rice is. They love their rice, and they most likely could not call a meal complete unless they have this on the table. And, oh, kimchi, too.

Myth # 2: Everything’s too Spicy

Korean food

Nope, not every single Korean food is spicy. Sure, Koreans love it spicy, but they can do without it. Also, when you are dining at a Korean restaurant, they will most likely offer you the option to tone the spice down a bit.

Other cuisines such as Indian and Meditteranean are a lot spicier compared to Korean food. However, if you are utterly intolerant of spicy food, then you might find it challenging to eat Korean food. But if you are a fan of mildly spicy food, then you are in for a treat.

Myth # 3: Kimchi is Disgusting

While kimchi might have a bit of a smell due to it being fermented, it is not disgusting. A lot of people claim it to be “just rotten pieces of cabbage”, but that is not the case.

Kimchi is left to ferment in its marinade or sauce for a couple of days, just like how pickles ferment – it’s the same thing. Fermented types of food can help us digest food a lot better, as they usually contain good bacteria. Besides, if it’s just rotten vegetables, then why would it be so famous all over the world?

Myth # 4: Every Single Korean Dish Tastes the Same

Not true. Sure, every single Korean dish might have that similar taste, but it is because most Korean recipes call for similar spices or pastes. For example, some of the most common used pastes in Korea are ssamjang and gochujang. These are usually used for making stews, soups, meat dishes, and even kimchi.

However, these recipes all have different ingredients, and if you have a delicate taste for food, then you can most likely differentiate one dish from the other. It’s just like with Italian cuisine: they love their cheese, but it has so many different kinds that their dishes taste a lot different from one another.

You will never prove these myths wrong unless you get your fix of Korean food. Go ahead and try some for yourself and see what all the hype is all about!

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