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Managing Motherhood and Your Career

Starting a family is a very exciting and wonderful journey. However, you don’t have to sacrifice your career and become a stay-at-home mom if you don’t want to. There are plenty of ways to become both a successful career person and a supermom at the same time. It may sound daunting, but the right strategies can help you balance these two aspects. Here’s how.

Get Your Partner Involved

Parenting as a one-person job is very difficult. But if you have a partner, then you have someone to split work with. You have to make it work with your partner. It’s best not to approach this alone since you will need all the help you can get. Make sure you consciously allocate responsibilities with your partner. Doing so means you both have individual responsibilities to accomplish, assuring each other that they will be accomplished. It’s vital to iron out the important details, such as who’s going to take care of the child on this date when you have a presentation. You also have to discuss when your next day off is so that your partner can either rest or attend to their career.

Sort Out Childcare Beforehand

The number one way to prepare for being a mother is to actually prepare for it. By that, we mean buying the necessary items and materials for your child, such as their clothes and eating utensils. It means setting up your house to be childproof and safe. This may also include putting up an awning or a canopy on your patio or lawn so that your family can spend time outdoors.

These are all part of “childcare,” as they’re all in place to help you become a better mother. They also make taking care of your child easier. Of course, you must not forget the more traditional aspects of childcare, such as finding a babysitter or a daycare. All in all, childcare covers a wide variety of things, and it’s best to sort everything out beforehand to make it seamless and efficient.

Don’t Be Too Hard on Yourself

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You may have the image of a supermom in your head. But realistically, it’s just not right to beat yourself up over making mistakes. You are a great career woman and a wonderful mother. You are doing your best for yourself and your baby, and when you come to a point where you are tired, know that it’s okay to take a break. Whatever others say about your parenting or your decision to work on a career while also being a mom is not what matters. What is important is whether your baby is getting the best care possible. You are able to create a fulfilling career that not only supports you but your family’s future as well.

Another thing you shouldn’t beat yourself up over is the fact that you chose to continue a career alongside being a mother. Many people will criticize you and might try to make you feel bad for doing so, but don’t let it get to you. Whether you are a single mom or with a supportive partner, having an income to support your family comes first financially. All other comments should not matter, as they don’t put the food on your plate.

Work When at Work, Be a Mom at Home

In this day and age where everything is fast-paced and everyone is connected 24/7, you need to set boundaries. This is why preparation is one key to success; if you’re able to get a good childcare service provider, you’d feel more confident working in the day knowing that your baby is being well taken care of. Once you clock out of work, your colleagues need to understand and respect that you have your time outside of work.

You should also respect your time with coworkers and family. Give your focus to your tasks at hand in the office, and give your family your complete attention when at home. This isn’t to say you should completely ignore family matters when at work or vice versa. It just means not letting one bleed over the other.

Give Yourself Time to Recover

Yes, you can get burned out even with parenting. Taking rest is paramount to being a good parent and career person. Forcing yourself to work harder than you can is just an invitation to get sick. When you get sick, you don’t just jeopardize your career, but you’re also going to have difficulty taking care of your child, too. It’s best not to look after your baby when you’re sick (although sometimes, it’s inevitable), so take as much rest as you can so you’re always energized. Remember that rest shouldn’t just happen during your day off. You also need to find moments of rest from the mental stresses and worries you have daily.

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