Netflixing and Chilling the Right Way: Installing Your Home Theater System

Home TheaterIn the last five years, home theater systems have become so popular that most residents now have it. The reason behind this is that the price for HD TV’s have dropped significantly that the majority can finally afford it. However, to fully immerse yourself in the movie experience, you need to know how to properly set up that home theater system you got.

Step 1. Rearrange your TV and couches first.

Plan how you want your movie experience to always feel like before you install the wirings and mount the speakers, an expert from HAGGLEFREE™ suggests. Position the TV on the wall or in the corner of the room, ensure that the section will not have a lot of glare or light. Set the chairs and couches where it will feel comfortable every time you watch. At this point, take note of the “main couch” where you think you will always position yourself.

Step 2. Sketch a floor plan to find the center.

You will need to determine where to put the speakers and receivers that you just bought. Draw a simple outline of the room marking where you will be sitting and where you will put the TV. The key here is for the speakers to meet at your “main couch,” so it can provide you the most lifelike surround sound.

Step 3. Positioning the speakers.

Begin by putting the two front speakers within ear height and direct it towards your “main couch.” Afterward, put your center channel speaker below or above the TV. The side speakers should be above and in-line the viewers, while the rear speakers must be next to each other in the center of the back wall. You can then place the subwoofer along the front wall, if possible in the middle. To give you a better picture, HGTV shared some design ideas and even showed how to audio-proof the room.

Installing your home theater system the right way is the secret to achieving that dream indoor cinema. Heed these instructions to completely enjoy your weekend Netflix marathons. 

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