New Isn’t ALWAYS Better in the SEO Content Arena

Quality content for your SEO techniquesAs the Internet’s content volume expands at jaw-dropping rates, attracting an audience becomes increasingly difficult by the minute.

Despite the challenge, brands and publishers continue to post new pieces every day. Take the Washington Post, for example — the daily herald publishes 1,200 new content assets, 500 of those prepared by their in-house team. The Internet hosts over 4.3 million blog posts and the numbers continue to grow daily.

With all new content is on the rise, old blog posts seem irrelevant. It is safe to assume that your SEO can live without these.

On the contrary, however, it’s not.

Content is Forever?

Since content is king, the term “Long live the king!” applies to its stead. But in terms of old content, where’s the ROI on pages that are useless after a week? Why think about it when you’ve new content weekly?

According to, a digital agency, while it is a good idea to publish new material regularly, forgetting older assets is risky. Rather than focus on the newer ones, update outdated posts and upgrade those in need of a revamp. Promote and repurpose timeless articles.

When you extend your content’s shelf life, you maximise discoverability, as well as improve the fighting chance of your investments.

Letting Go of Some

Start by determining which posts deserve a second chance. If you have old content that is irrelevant to your target market, feel free to take it down. Remember, content marketing is always about quality and if it’s not helpful, no need to stick with it.

Also, let go of content related to old products and services, previous employees and job listings. Before you delete them all, however, set up 301 redirects for people who visit the old URLS.

Upgrade and Update

Powerhouse articles of the past need your attention. Spend some time updating points in the content to reflect the latest information and trends. For example, you can research long-tail keywords and blend them organically within the content. The addition of sub-headers and visuals also make pages more inviting, while statistics back up claims and arguments.

The volume game is not the key to winning. Instead of producing too much, focus more on the life cycle of each content you make. Even if you end up publishing just a few, you’ll win out the competition.

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