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Not Kidding: Here’s How to Use Humor in Your Next Corporate Video

Laughter is the best medicine and at the same time, one of the best tools for brands and marketers. People consume content because of two things: to be informed and to be entertained. If your corporate video is able to pull off a humor that both informs and entertains, then you already have an audience.
The challenge is, humor is not that easy to achieve. In fact, in some instances, it could come off as offensive. That said, here are tips to keep in mind when using humor in your corporate video:

Use parody

Remember the recruitment video Twitter released in 2012? It has gotten more than a million views on YouTube by plainly copying and overemphasizing all the bad things that could happen in an obligatory recruitment promotion video. It’s so bad that it’s so good to watch.

Parody works because it makes you more relatable to your audience, informing them that you’re deeply aware of the stuff that could go wrong in the subject you’re hitting at. Of course, there are limits to this. Steer clear from politically sensitive topics. Use parody wisely. Imitate and then exaggerate.

Show authenticity

Sometimes, just by being overly honest and candid, you can pull off humor. DollarShaveClub, a razor and personal grooming company did that with their video informing their audience about their safe product and fast delivery. The founder’s no-nonsense facial expression throughout the video and uttering of an expletive made their content humorous and more importantly, non-pretentious.
To pull off an authentic material, partner with a corporate video production company. Denver specialists can help you and your employees be at ease in such a way that you would bring out the genuineness of your brand.

Build rapport

How can you possibly establish rapport in just under three minutes? The key is to capitalize on shared human struggles. A toilet spray brand did this right, with their videos racking up millions of views and their lead star rising to stardom. They magnified a banal part of human life, offered a solution to the toilet problem everyone struggles with, and created connections with their audience.

Do the same for your brand. Note that you need a compelling story for this, so it’s best to brainstorm ideas with corporate video experts to hit on the right elements on your narrative.
Use humor in your next corporate video. You’d gather eyeballs and shares for sure.

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