Damaging Your Carpet

The Novice Cleaning Approach: Ways You’re Damaging Your Carpets

Damaging Your CarpetCompared to other types of flooring, carpets require a different approach when it comes to cleaning. Carpeted floors should be vacuumed regularly and professionally serviced at least twice a year. Professional carpet cleaning extends its service life and helps promote better air quality, reducing allergies and sickness.

In an effort to save money, however, some homeowners skip professional services and try to do all the cleaning on their own. While this approach is far more affordable, it is not as effective as professional cleaning. Improper execution of DIY cleaning methods can also cause costly damages on your carpet.

Cleaning experts from CarpetBright.uk.com discuss how seemingly simple things can damage your carpets:

Too Much Carpet Shampoo

Those cleaning carpeted floors on their own for the first time often end up ruining fibres by using too much shampoo and failing to rinse it properly. This is inevitable because homeowners do not have proper cleaning equipment to rinse and dry out the shampoo. The soapy built-up residue from over-shampooing can be hard to clean out, turning the rug into a dirt magnet.

Over-Wetting the Carpet

Over-wetting happens when too much water soaks into the carpet. This can saturate the fibres and cause a musty odour. The extra moisture in the rug will also go deep under the carpet instead of evaporating into the air. This will cause the carpet to shrink and you may run the risk of having mould and mildew problems.

Stains from Furniture

Wood furniture can stain if left in contact with a wet or damp surface for a prolonged time. Furniture with metal legs can also rust and leave a carpet stain. Inexperienced cleaners are likely to encounter this problem when they do not remove the furniture when cleaning. Professionals used foam blocks or cardboard squares to keep the furniture off the floor until the carpeted floors are completely dry.

While it may seem practical to do the cleaning on your own, it is not always a good decision. Hiring professionals is still your best choice; pros have the right equipment that can effectively clean dirty rugs. They also know a lot more about handling challenges like stained and soiled areas.

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