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Of Letters, Words, and Sentences: The Lowdown on Website Readability

web pageA website needs to have good content. But beyond that, it also should feature a polished design. The user experience, after all, is what could turn a visit to a bounce or a long session. You’re probably thinking this is where navigation becomes of great importance. Whilst this is true, readability is also a concern you should worry about.

Every expert on web development would agree that readability is crucial to make visitors stay on the site. But first, you have to understand the basics of the concept. TheWebShop.net.au shares more information below:

The Two Components

At its core, there are two major concepts that influence readability: writing style and typography. The former is easy enough to understand. The way you write dictates how easily the audience grasps the points you raise. The tone, word choices, and polish come into play, too.

The latter, on the other hand, can get a bit tricky. This is where you have to be adept at web design and development to get it right. A good font would make a visitor comfortable enough to stay on the site and read its content.

The choice between serif and sans serif fonts isn’t something you can do without considering other design elements. The typeface is just one aspect of it; you have to decide on the spacing, layout, kerning, and many other things to make sure the site is readable at first glance.

The Tips for Improving Readability

So, how do you improve readability? Here are three tips for you to follow:

  • Make your content engaging and catchy. Remember that the first sentence should automatically draw the attention of a visitor.
  • Structure the content properly. Make sure it appears easy on the eye. Keep paragraphs and sentences short, plus make sure the text is legible amidst the site background.
  • Think of ratios and proportions. There should be a decent amount of space between letters, words, sentences, lines, paragraphs, and everything else.

Readability is a concept you should focus on just as much as you do with navigation. Turn your site into an area where visitors would want to read what’s written on it with the information from this article.

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