Office Lighting: Making or Breaking Your Employees’ Moods

When the talk comes to productivity in the workplace, specifically the factors that make it drop, a lot of people think that it has everything to do with how employees feel at a personal level. While this is true for the most part, it doesn’t automatically eliminate the possibility that the office environment also contributes to their performance.

Numerous studies have already established that lighting – from the type itself to the intensity – can have a major effect on people’s behaviors, including mood. And mood can affect productivity.

Insufficient lighting and the challenges it brings

The inadequate or too-dim lighting gives rise to many behavior- and mood-related problems that largely reflect the exact opposite of bright lighting.

Bright lighting helps improve focus and concentration, whereas poor lighting – whether at home or in the office – can add to one’s already elevated stress levels. It can even result in pervasive irritability, another negative type of mood. Add all these to the health hazards bad lighting brings, particularly visual impairment, and you can expect productivity to plummet.

A legal liability

Always keep in mind that vision-related issues can also lead to eyestrain as well as bruises and injuries from bumping or crashing into objects. And while you should already know how important it is to ensure your talents’ safety and well-being, knowing that these accidents also make you legally liable should get you concerned even more.

Updating your inadequately-illuminated office

So as early as now, contact a professional commercial lighting company like AMPRO to revamp your Tampa, FL office’s lighting system. This way, they can assess the workplace and make sure that the lights in the office don’t just come in the correct color and intensity, but also the proper type. These experts will even help make the office energy efficient, helping bring down your electricity bills.

Upgrading the office lighting may cost you initially, but thinking about the benefits that this will bring in the long run should be enough to outweigh your expenses.

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