white deer head

Oh My Deer: Getting Wild with an Outdoor Hunting-Themed Kids Party

A low-key party is not the norm today. Instead of simple birthdays with cake, ice cream, and classic games, many families would rather go for unusual and extravagant parties. This may include a play gym or even fake white deer heads for an outdoor hunting-themed party. Themed parties are exciting and fun.

white deer head

If your son likes the idea of hunting (probably inspired by a game on his iPad), you can organize a hunting themed event that’s great for both young and old. Here’s how to make it successful:

Decorate the venue

Prepare the party area with toy hunting weapons and gear. Decorate with green or camouflage balloons, plates, and cups. Make your kid’s guests blend in with the décor by giving camouflage caps for them to wear.

Plan the activities

You can use a mounted white deer head for a ring toss game. Hang it at a height that’s appropriate for the kids. Provide a set of rings for them, then let them take turns tossing the rings to land on the antlers. You may adjust the throwing distance to increase or reduce the difficulty.

Personalize the food

Make an environment that invokes the feel of the hunt. Fill the menu with food consumed while hunting, such as bags of chips and other snacks. For dessert, serve a big birthday cake that looks like a hunting trophy or a cake with a hunter and deer.

Depending on the ages and attention spans of the guests, an outdoor party can be a big hit. These tips are sure to leave a lasting impression on the guests.

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