Timely Makeover: 5 Secrets in Turning the Interior of Your Old House to Look Brand New

Time waits for no one. What may be considered priceless years ago could be outdated today. Take for the Lamborghini Jalpa 3500. This car made heads turn in the ‘80s. And it’s considered trendy in those times. Today, however, fast-forward to 2021, Lamborghini Aventador reigns supreme. The exotic car would not only leave the Jalpa eating dust, but also it would outshine it in design. 

Truth be told, your house could suffer the same fate. What looked amazing and beautiful 10 years ago may look largely outdated now. And when this happens, your home could feel archaic and boring to you. Worse, you’d find out sooner rather than later that your old house hardly turns heads if you decide to sell it. For a buyer, an old house is not only outdated in design but also may harbor hidden costs

The good news is you need not sulk in a corner and be limited to such a traditional box. Certain tried-and-tested adjustments should turn things around for the interior of your precious abode. Even better, these makeovers can be done without having to rebuild or do massive renovations. In short, they can be a treasure trove. Here’s to a good start:

Be Bold

Before you start this process, you have to be ready to make bold decisions. And that means making timely decisions on the color, choice of material, choice of aesthetic, and many more. To turn things around, the idea is going for something modern and classy. 

For one, be ready to paint your rooms new. Opting for the right colors can be the fastest way to make your house look new and attractive. A good choice would have to be neutral such as soft beige, subtle gray, off-white or creamy ivory. These colors would fit in with any decor of your choice. 

 Another way to go about this is to go for wallpapers with striking designs. Make sure you choose a shade and pattern that infuse something modern into an old home.  In effect, such a design should make your home come alive again. 

A Prominent Feature for Each Room

The next step is focusing on different rooms in the house. To go about this, you have to look for something in each room that makes it stand out. And then when you find it, you have to improve that feature so that it makes the room look even more stunning. 

For your living room, this feature could be the fireplace. And in the kitchen, it could be the cabinets. While for the rooms, it could be the nice small tables placed beside the bed. 

The thing is, some of these things can be pretty old. Then, you might have to change them. Again, repainting them could make them look brand new. Then again, having a focal point that makes the room stand out can go a long way in redesigning the room. 

Take note that these tasks could be daunting, especially if you don’t have the time nor the experience in design. If you feel you may fall short and would not be able to make the right decisions and choices yourself, you may want to get help. 

Experts in interior designers should be able to give you the expertise you need to come up with a head-turning interior design for your home. Their vast experience and knowledge on what’s in these days should turn things around for your precious abode in a jiffy. 

Change Old Furniture

There’s a high chance that you have some old furniture in your home.  While you may want to keep them, know that they contribute to a large degree to why your interior looks old. So it’s about time you jazz things up. 

You don’t have to replace all the old furniture in your home. You can simply work with some old ones and improve the look by repainting and maybe changing the wood. However, for some that are truly old, you may have to get a complete replacement for it. This will cost you some bucks. But by the time you see the result, it’s highly likely you’ll be blown away. 

Do Some Revamping

For you to make your house look and feel new, some revamping is needed. Opt for window treatments that would make the window look better. You can use natural-toned wood or white-painted wood to make this happen. 

Don’t forget the floors. You may change old carpeting to something new. Look for spot-on designs online for ideas. If you have old tiles, it can easily become a blast from the past. In its stead, choose something modern and classy. It’s important you do some homework on what tile design works best.

Go Modern, Go Techy

For you to make your house look new, you will have to go modern and techy. Ditch all those old fixtures and cabinet hardware in your bathroom. Put in new ones. Then, proceed to factor in techy gadgets for your bathroom. These modern devices can certainly put your home on the map. 

If you have an outdated bed and bed linens consider changing it. Get a nice bed that looks modern and get attractive bed linens. 

The important thing is to do your due diligence. Let everyone in the family pitch in. With concerted effort and the right ideas, you should turn your interior into one cool, modern place to live in — to earn you some bragging rights in the process.

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