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Old Home Transformation: Four Ideas for Renovation Magic

As housing prices can get ridiculously high especially in big cities like Salt Lake City, it’s little wonder some people prefer buying old or pre-owned houses over new ones. You can get these relatively cheaper and then, just renovate afterwards to your liking.

Renovating an old property can be tricky, though. If you’re not well versed with what to do or you don’t have an idea of what you want the final output to look, you might end up with a house you’d rather put up for sale again rather than live in. If you’re looking for some tips for transforming an old house to one that you can truly call home, here are some ideas.

Divide and prioritize

The first thing that you need to do is to know which parts of the house you should renovate first and which ones you can leave for later. This is so you won’t get overwhelmed with the tasks and at the same time, actually see and feel the renovation progress.

For example, you can first work on the kitchen, which is probably messy, or clear the garden so that you have more space to move around. You can also change the layout if you want and move things around depending on how you want to maximize the space in the house.

Home makeover plan

Transform the garage

When it comes to maximizing space, the garage is perhaps one of the most versatile home living spaces that you can use for a variety of things. For one, you can convert it to another bedroom for your guests or a home office and a library. Or, use it for what its purpose is — a large storage space for your belongings.

However you want to use the space, the first thing you need to consider is the design. That starts with deciding which flooring type to use. Experts in garage floor repairs in Salt Lake City say the floor should match the purpose of the space. Concrete floors, for instance, are durable, which are good for areas that often have heavy foot traffic. They also go well many interior design themes, from industrial to chic.

Salvage and reuse

If there are pieces of furniture that were left behind by the previous owner, see if you can salvage and reuse them. A re-purposed furniture can add charm to the feel of your interiors. Old ladders can make good towel racks in your bathroom. Old doors can be re-purposed as headboards for your bed or a kitchen table.

Don’t overdo the front yard

Lastly, don’t forget about the landscaping of the front yard. Often, people spend so much time planning the renovation of the interiors that they already run out of ideas when it comes to improving their home’s curb appeal. Unless you want to wow everyone passing by your house, you can always go for a simple but uncluttered look by making good use of garden and lighting ornaments. After all, a manicured lawn says so much about how the homeowner regards the property.

Any old house can be transformed into a space that you can call your very own home. With thorough and careful planning, you’ll be able to make the new “old” house reflect who you are.

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