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Pandemic Parenting: How You Can Maximize Your Time

Because of the pandemic, more than 168 million students around the world are taken away from their daily school routine. Disallowance by the various governments around the world has forced millions of elementary school students to miss classes for at least a year due to the high-risk factor students of that age have. To everyone’s disappointment, it was predicted that the social growth of students would highly be affected by this pandemic setback. Worse, it became more apparent with the schooling from the home setup that not all families have the same amicable environment conducive for studying.

At least half of the schools moved the school year to a virtual setting last year. While a quarter of them will go full in-person attendance, the remainder will have a hybrid type of setting. To curb the spread of the virus, virtual learning became the preferred method for students, teachers, and parents to still maintain education even during a pandemic.

Nevertheless, the difference in the status of the students showed during this ordeal — with some students reporting a decrease in the quality of education compared to in-person classes. Parenting became difficult during this time as well. Students, full of life and hormones, spent entire days with their parents for almost six consecutive months. Chaos reigned in households where the number of children overpowers the parents.

Doing things that you loved while your children were away has come and gone. Now that you spend entire days with them, how do you maximize your time to parent during a pandemic?

Organize Everyone’s Schedules

Having school away from school is no excuse for any child to relax and skip studying. Coordinating with your children about their daily schedule so that, at least, a semblance of school can still be acquired is highly recommended in the lockdown setting. While virtual classes have strict schedules, self-studying times do not.

Having a dedicated time set for them just for studying and doing their assignments while having their gadgets kept in a different area will show what is important. It will also free up the time you have with what you can and cannot do during these precious moments that they are studying. Setting a schedule for yourself that is aligned with their schedules will bring balance into the household.

Routines Are Important

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Routines are there to keep order in your already chaotic life. Now that the schedules are arranged establishing a routine will bring comfort in these extraordinary and uncertain times. Routines are there to keep everyone’s mental fitness in check. They are the fundamental activities that liven up everyone into doing activities like clockwork. As long as the inside of the house is controlled and organized, you have one less thing to worry about with the pandemic raging on outside.

Getting a Remote Job

Working remotely has apparently done well even for stay-at-home moms. Getting a remote job that can bend to your schedule through online work job posting sites will give you extra motivation to get things done as early as possible. Now that you may have more time bonding with your kids, you can use the remainder of your extra time while studying to work remotely. SkillFuel, a web-based recruitment management software SkillFuel built for employers to hire and manage great talent, helps anyone that has a hard time acquiring work. With your freed uptime, you can enable yourself to work a little bit more and help with the bills.

Asking for Help

You can maximize your time by asking for help from others. Now that every one of your children is studying at home, save more time for them and you by asking them to do a daily household task once they are done with school. Extra hands have now become available at your disposal.

By assigning roles for every person inside your household, chores can be done at a single snap of a finger. Roles related to chores are important for a child’s growth because it helps them realize how critical it is that they personally do some chores. Asking help from your children will enable you to free up the highly sought-after time you can so rarely get inside a busy home.

While the pandemic has pushed many households to the brink, it is with joy that we slowly realize that harmonious living is possible through the little actions we do for our family. Maximizing your time has always been difficult for everyone, even before the pandemic. As we adjust ourselves to a future similar to the one we have right now, we must learn to be flexible and act appropriately.

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