The Perfect Wedding Spark

fireworksBefore, weddings were quite straightforward – you go through the ceremony, eat some cake, release the doves, and pretty much run off to your honeymoon. Today, however, it is more about giving your guests something to remember your wedding by.

One of the many options brides and grooms can have to set their wedding apart from the rest is the use of fireworks. In the past, this was a bit challenging to do, as there weren’t that many fireworks suppliers around. Fortunately, today, you can buy fireworks online within just a few clicks.

If you do decide to use fireworks during your wedding, follow these safety precautions from

Outdoors, Never Indoors

While firework displays are operated by a licensed pyrotechnician, there is still that risk that a stick or two might become wayward. To avoid setting anything on fire, make sure you have your display in an open area. Do not attempt to have it within the reception hall even if with small sparklers.


Although it can be quite exciting to plan your display on your own, top fireworks companies recommend getting the services of a licensed pyrotechnician. Apart from knowing how to safely handle fireworks, they are also aware of how to time the display with specific portions of your reception program.

The Surrounding Area and the Weather Conditions

Be aware of where the wind would be blowing. If needed, you might have to readjust the position of the fireworks to make sure embers do not end up in the bushes or dry grass. It is also a good idea to have the fireworks far from where the alcoholic drinks would be.

Emergency Cases

Even the most carefully laid out plans get disrupted the last minute. Even before the event starts, assign someone to take care of calling emergency services in case something does get lighted up by the fireworks.

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