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Prettiest Flowering and Shade-Providing Trees to Grow in Your Yard

Trees are such fine creations. They do so many things that are nothing but good for human and environmental health. Their lush greenery and thick bushes are a calming sight. If you have a tree or two in your yard, it automatically makes it more pleasant and alluring.

If you have a larger yard perfect for landscape gardening, reliable tree planting services are available in Kent and other places. While you think of the best trees to plant, consider the ones that can bloom the prettiest flowers and those that provide sufficient shading. It’s better if they’re easy to maintain, too.

That said, let’s go over our options for the best trees to plant.

1. Magnolia Tree

The flowers of a Magnolia tree can bloom in many different colors, such as white, pink, purple, and red, to name a few. In the UK, the more common variety of Magnolia tree are the deciduous ones. Its leaves fall off during the winter, but that’s when the beautiful flowers blossom. Beetles mostly pollinate its flowers, but during the latter part of the year, bees can come to pollinate Magnolia flowers, too.

It is preferable to grow a Magnolia tree in full sun all throughout the year. In partial shade, Magnolias can also grow well, but the flowers may not bloom because of the low light, so take this into account.

The soil should not dry out because of this tree’s shallow roots. To prevent water loss in the soil, annual mulching is needed. Pruning isn’t even required very often; you only need to do it when the bush is outgrowing their designated space.

2. Nuttall Oak Tree


Nuttall Oak tree is the fastest growing variety of oak trees. They supply acorns each year steadily, so chances are you’d see squirrels, deer, and turkeys having fun in your yard. Because of its thick shrubbery, you’d need a wide space in your yard to accommodate it. The Nuttall Oak tree provides excellent shading and can grow up to 100 feet or more, but commonly, its height only reaches 70 to 80 feet. In the early spring, their leaves are a lustrous, reddish-purple, turning into a pale emerald green, and then into a dark green come summertime.

This shading tree would thrive well in full sun. They don’t need extra watering because they’re able to tolerate drought. Regular pruning isn’t required as well.

3. Dogwood Tree

Like Magnolias, flowering dogwood trees are capable of blooming flowers in different colors. In the summer, their leaves are rich green in color and during the fall, they turn reddish-purple. In the winter, it may even grow brilliant red berries that attract birds and other wildlife. Dogwood trees are generally grown surrounded by other larger trees. They would make a perfect backdrop for azaleas and other flowering shrubs.

They grow better in partial shade. Frequent watering is needed to maintain dogwood, especially during hot climates.

4. Weeping Willow

This shade-providing tree grows extremely fast, rising 3 to 8 feet per year. They thrive when planted near water sources, but there are hybrid types that can grow well in drier areas. Your yard has to be spacious enough to accommodate this iconic tree because it can grow up to 45 feet wide. Its shallow roots may also damage concrete, another reason you need a large soil space to grow a Weeping Willow.

To maintain your Weeping Willow, prune it annually to remove dead or damaged wood and suckers and branches that grow vertically. They thrive well either in full sun or partial shade.

With at least one of these trees, your ample yard can be even more captivating. You no longer need to go somewhere to experience a picture-perfect garden because you would have your very own.

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