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Proper RSA Training: Help Your Patrons Have the Best Celebration Possible

Alcohol server training is more than just learning the difference between drinking for fun and going beyond your limits. People working in the alcohol service industry who underwent this training program acquire the ability to prevent sales to minors and spot underage drinkers. They can also recognise signs of intoxication, avoid problematic situations through effective intervention, and deal with refusal situations with increased confidence.

Once you understand the responsible service of alcohol, you can help patrons enjoy their time at your venue.

rsa course online

Taking Care of Your Patrons

Despite the fact that RSA Training is mandatory across Australia, there is no need to see this course as a check-box item to becoming employed in the hospitality industry.

There are several ways you can utilise all the skills you’ve learned in this course. This includes the best methods to identify and correct patrons who drink more than their standard drink per hour. Remember, prevention is key! Your security staff should not permit any intoxicated persons to enter the venue. So, after they pass through your doors, it is your job to look after their wellbeing.

Create an added personal touch by keeping track of the number of drinks a patron has consumed. Also, keep an eye on them throughout the night. Notify all staff members if you feel they might be there for a “big night.”

If your patron has a comfortable, safe night out at your venue while still being able to enjoy themselves and have a few drinks, you can be sure that they will come back.

It’s in the Name

There are many aspects to the responsible service of alcohol, but the main principle lies in the title of the industry you work in. Be hospitable! If you look out for your patrons, they will look out for you.

If you haven’t completed your Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) course yet, enrol in RSA online courses from leading hospitality industry trainers. Choose carefully which courses will suit your needs.

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