Protecting Your Data: Why Disaster Recovery is Different from Data Backup

KeyboardData protection is a vital part of any business. But, many company owners don’t adequately plan for data loss, thinking that their backup operations can withstand an outage or downtime. Every business data that keeps on updating every day is irreplaceable, so you must protect and secure it. Failing to take the necessary steps may leave your company vulnerable when a disaster happens. This is where data backup and disaster recovery comes in.

The majority believes that the two are the same. Though both have their own fair share of benefits and downsides, data back and disaster recovery is not created equal. Part of the problem is that some businesses don’t know that differences exist, putting themselves at more risk.

Data Backup Software Can Fail

Data loss disasters are increasing, which is why you need to rely on an IT system that will meet your data storage needs. A data backup software offers accessibility and reliability, but it can fail. Once your business experiences a server crash, the first full recovery of your database could be too time-consuming and turn into a bigger headache.

With disaster recovery, however, you can reduce the impact of service disruptions. You can easily restart operations after an outage or weather disasters. Industry professional NEX Corporate IT shares that disaster recovery can effectively help you recover data that’s valuable to your business. Backing up your files without recovery in mind is like going into a war without weapons.

Disaster Recovery Brings Back Backed Up Data

Server failure, computer viruses, and human error can all affect your data. If you need to restore the lost files in the event you need your backup, disaster recovery can help you. It provides a clear, detailed, and a comprehensive diagnostic report. Data backup may be an attractive option, but without disaster recovery, you can’t get a secure copy of your data backed up.

Data loss is costly when left neglected. Keep your files confidential with smart planning and disaster recovery solutions.

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