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Protecting Your Eyes With Anti-Glare Film

installing window filmDecreasing the diffusion of visible light needs glare control, which is essential in vehicles and to a lesser extent in home and offices. Anti glare in fact functions likes sunglasses for windows. They are coating that reduce light coming in.

You can choose a shade of your choice depending on how much light you want to block. There are many types of anti glare coatings, graded with a light transmission number called visible light transmission (VLT). The higher the VLT, the lighter will be the shade of the coating. For instance, if the VLT is 80, it means that it transmits 80% of the light and filters the remaining 20%.
This leads to the misconception that these coatings reduce visibility. Similar to sun glasses, they only reduce glare. This prevents squinting due to excess light.

Why do we need anti glare film?

  • In vehicles, it protects the passengers, and the car upholstery from the UV rays and the sun’s harsh heat. These rays harm the skin, and also fades leather interiors. The same is true for homes and offices.
  • It also protects the electronic parts of the car. Anti glare film can cut down heat from direct sunlight, sparing round-the-clock usage of the air conditioner.
  • Similar to good insulation, anti glare film can reduce your utility bills.
  • Combine these coatings with safety protection, and convert regular glass to safety glass. This ensures that glass does not break easily and offer protection against normal impact and stress.

Retailers use anti-glare coating in their shops and display windows, protecting merchandise and your store furniture. Recent innovations on anti-glare coating also apply them to computer monitors and other viewing screens. Still, it is advisable to keep the monitors away from direct sunlight.

There are many variations onanti-glare film. Consult a professional and get the best suitable coating for your home, car or store.

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