removing dirt carpet

Pulling the Rug Under Wrong Carpet Maintenance Methods

removing dirt carpetIt is important to maintain your carpets properly so that they last longer and serve you better. This is true of all household furnishings and fixtures. With these rugs, though, it is more required, as people walk on them and the fibers in them tend to store dirt.

About Floors n More has a few tips to make carpet maintenance a breeze.

Vacuum Regularly

Everyone is aware that vacuuming the rugs regularly is very important to keep them as dust-free as possible. The fibers wear out quickly when they are dusty. This is because when you walk on dusty rugs, the grains of dust grind into the fibers and damage them further. This makes the rug look dull and damaged.

Vacuuming prevents this from happening, and makes the rug look clean and fresh. Vacuuming once a day should suffice for normal homes.

Spills and Other Accidents

When there is a spill of any sort, you need to act quickly and correctly. Do not allow any spill to get hard and set in, because cleaning it without damaging the rug is a challenge. Get some paper towels immediately and blot out the spill as thoroughly as you can. Just blot it out and do not rub it, as then the stain will worsen and soak in further.

Do not use any liquid cleaner. Use hot water instead to clean it, after you have blotted out as much as possible. For some stains, baking soda could help. Make sure that your rugs never get wet and soaked in water. This can cause discoloration and attract mold formation.

As you would go to the dentist for an annual checkup, you would do the same to a rug by a professional carpet cleaner. These professionals have better rug cleaning equipment and perform a systematic job of cleaning your rugs. This will ensure your rugs last longer and continue to remain in good shape.

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