Raising a Toddler: How Do You Make It Look Effortless?

As fulfilling as motherhood is, it’s one of the toughest jobs in the world. It starts getting more challenging when your little one reaches the toddler stage. They start developing their social, emotional, and intellectual skills. It’s more important than ever for you to be hands-on with raising them.

Take note of these tips that help you raise confident and well-mannered toddlers:

  • Establish a positive environment.

Avoid discouraging comments like “Stop being a baby!” or “Don’t do that!” when you catch them doing something they shouldn’t. Instead, suggest alternatives like “Would you like to try holding the spoon by yourself?” or “The dog will get hurt if you keep pulling on their ear.”

  • Compliment and encourage your child.

It seems easier to scold your kid for bad things that they did. But no matter how well-intentioned your scolding is, there are gentler ways to correct their mistakes. Focus on the good things. Kids feel more motivated to be good when you reward them with affection and compliments.

  • Implement rules that promote self-control.

Good manners and proper behavior should be introduced to children as soon as possible. It would be best if you disciplined your toddler so that they can get used to self-control and responsibility while they’re young. Be consistent with your house rules and the consequences of breaking them.

mother and child

  • Communicate with your child effectively.

Raise a reasonable and articulate child through good communication. You can still use the gentle intonation and slow pace of baby talk. But accompany it with explanations. Explain to them why you’re asking them to do something or why something they did is wrong. Listen to them, too.

  • Adjust your parenting style if necessary.

Although you’re raising your toddler, remember that they’re their own person. They have unique behaviors and ways of thinking. You have to adapt to these factors and adjust your parenting style based on what they respond to the most. This minimizes frustration from both ends.

These tips emphasize positive parenting, which makes the entire process more manageable for you and your toddler. Nobody wants to live in a household of nagging and scolding, after all. The tips are also effective in raising a well-mannered child, effectively reducing your headaches in the long run.

It’s a lot of work. But keep in mind that your whole life doesn’t revolve around child-rearing. Being a good teacher and role model to your toddler means recognizing your own needs and limitations.

So it’s time to roll on your go-to eye serum for dark circles and puffiness, apply your favorite moisturizer, spritz a little fragrance on your wrists and behind your ears, and dress your best. Schedule regular catch-up sessions with your friends. Find a hobby that temporarily takes your mind off parenting.

Focusing on your personal needs doesn’t make you a selfish parent. You need that time for yourself to prevent burning out. This brings out a better, happier you for your toddler to follow and listen to. In the long run, this makes child-rearing and household management easier for you.

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