Reasons Many Drug Dependent Individuals Don’t Seek Treatment

drugsKnowing someone with a drug addiction is heartbreaking, especially if that person doesn’t want your help or doesn’t want to get treatment. There are many reasons those dependent on drugs choose not to get help. Here are some of the most common ones:

  • In Denial – Those addicted to drugs refuse to acknowledge the fact that they have a problem.
  • Fear – Getting treatment or going to a drug rehab center requires courage, motivation, and determination. People dependent on drugs are afraid of what will happen to them once they get off drugs and experience the withdrawal and detoxification symptoms. They’re also afraid that they won’t ever feel as good as they feel when they’re on a high.
  • Loss of Control – For those who see themselves as someone always in control—yes, even when they’re high—seeking treatment is an issue since they’ll be forced to relinquish control of their lives.
  • Social Stigma – Hidden beneath an addict’s refusal to get help may be the unfair stigma connected to “people who go into rehab.” For them, it doesn’t matter what your situation in life is because some people will unfortunately treat addicts with disdain.
  • Nobody Will Care either way – Because most drug dependent individuals unfortunately cut their ties with friends and family, most of them feel that seeking treatment won’t matter because no one will care if they live, die, or get treatment.
  • Going into Rehab Won’t Make a Difference – Some drug dependent people feel that drug rehab Utah treatment won’t help. Those with underlying mental health problems may feel even more hopeless.
  • Their Life isn’t Worth Living – Those who are in the dark stages of drug addiction often welcome death as they think that there is no other way for them. Though they won’t try to kill themselves intentionally, they’ll continue going on drug binges that will eventually kill them.

Sadly, most people criticize, judge, and fear what they can’t comprehend, but with an open mind, you can certainly try to understand and come to terms with why most drug dependent individuals feel the way they do. Just be there for him or her, ready to lend a helping hand once he or she realizes that treatment is the way to go.

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