Reasons You Should Never Play Dentist

Girl playing dentistThey are your teeth. And as such, you might be tempted to think that sttyyou know more about them than your own dentist. Worse, you might attempt to perform your own dental procedures. This mindset can lead you down a very dark path, not to mention a very expensive way to save face through dental repairs.

Here are some of the reasons that you should not attempt to play dentist.

You can break your own teeth

Having misaligned teeth can feel very awkward and in some cases, downright embarrassing. Everyone knows that there are dental procedures and appliances designed to fix this somewhat simple dental woe. You can get traditional metal braces or clear braces in Birmingham at reasonable prices.

Still, some people think they can “re-align” their teeth on their own. The danger is that you can end up breaking your own teeth in the process, especially if you use tools not even designed to be near your face. Do not make that mistake.

You can infect yourself

If you have loose dental fillings, you might be tempted to chip them out, especially if it is bothering you. This is very dangerous as bacteria can get into the crevices and it can lead to bigger problems – including gum disease.

If you have loose fillings, make an appointment with your dentist as soon as you can to get the right dental care you need. And do not self-medicate, as this has been the major cause of drug resistance.

You can damage your teeth

You have probably heard of some DIY home solutions for teeth whitening. Admittedly, these only cost a tiny fraction of what you need to spend on professional teeth whitening.

The danger is that some of the ingredients used in DIY home solutions and even OTC whitening kits are highly abrasive that it can damage your teeth and gums. And when that happens, you still need to visit a dentist to repair the unnecessary harm.

If you do not want to risk your teeth, do not play dentist, even if you have seen countless YouTube DIY videos. It’s not worth saving a few dollars if it means risking your teeth, gums, tongue, and your health and dealing with more problems in the long run.

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