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Reasons You Shouldn’t Install HVAC Systems on Your Own

If your existing heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) system has been around for a while, then chances are, it may not be performing as efficiently as it had years ago. High energy bills are often related to inefficient heating and cooling systems. An HVAC system may be the solution to help lower energy consumption throughout your home.

While it may be true that installing a new heating and air-conditioning system can be a huge investment, attempting to install it on your own may result in poor performance and more expensive repair costs.

Here are reasons you should leave HVAC system installation to the professionals.

Lack of Training and Experience

If you’ve undergone proper training on HVAC system installation and have done it before, you may be a bit more confident in installing an HVAC system in your own home. Otherwise, hiring a professional to do the installation is the better and more logical option. HVAC contractors are licensed in AC installation and repair and they have years of technical experience under their belt. Many variables come into play when installing an HVAC system, things that DIY guides online will not be able to completely answer.

Unfamiliarity with HVAC Components

man installing the heaterWhen dealing with HVAC installation, you will be encountering different parts other than commonly known components like air filters, thermostats, or evaporator coils. You need to know how each part works and how its functions affect the other components in the system. HVAC installation requires familiarity not only with air-conditioning systems but also with plumbing and electrical work. If you will be installing a central air-conditioning system, performing ductwork on your own can also be a tricky process. Poorly installed air ducts can result in duct leaks, air flow issues such as inconsistent room temperatures, and eventually, higher energy bills.

Room for Errors

Lack of experience and unfamiliarity with HVAC parts make a good recipe for disaster. Unskilled installation work poses potential health and safety hazards. If you’re working with gas lines, a small error can lead to leaks that can expose your home to toxic fumes and risk of explosion. If you’re dealing with electrical wiring, you can be at risk of electrocution. Even if you were able to install your HVAC system without injury, you may never be able to make sure if you’ve done it properly or if the system is running safely until the time that it starts to malfunction.

Need for Future Repairs

A poorly installed HVAC system, depending on the gravity of error, may only take a few days before it will show signs of inefficiency or failure. The money you saved from doing the installation yourself can soon end up on numerous expensive repairs just to make the system run. Eventually, you may have to replace the unit and redo the installation – something that could have been avoided if you hired an HVAC contractor in the beginning.

HVAC installation is a complex project that requires the expertise of professional contractors to complete. Instead of resorting to a DIY project, hiring an HVAC contractor will provide you with a no-hassle and worry-free HVAC system installation.

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