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Rebounding: Reasons You Must Try Trampoline Exercise

trampoline exerciseTrampoline is a fun outdoor device for children of all ages, but not everybody knows that it can be also used for fitness purposes. Made from highly durable sheet stretched over a steel frame, trampolines can be used as an effective full-body workout device. Below, BOUNCE shares more information about this fun-filled activity:

What is rebounding?

Rebounding is an exercise where a trampoline is used to jump up and down repeatedly. There are two ways to rebound. One is by making gentle bounces where your feet are always in contact with the device’s fabric surface. The other is by completely jumping up and down, which is pretty much how energetic kids do it.

According to experts, the idea of rebounding dates back many years ago. It only gained popularity in 1980 after NASA studied how it can help astronauts reverse the damages caused by being in space.

Exercising with trampoline provides different benefits for people with different health issues and fitness goals.

For People with Weight Issues

Jumping up and down your trampoline will elevate your heart rate, and a faster heart rate signals you are burning calories. You can burn up to 160 calories in just 30 minutes of bouncing. If you’re looking to control your weight or maybe reduce some fats, you might want to buy a small trampoline you can use in your room.

For Those Who Want Abs

Rebounding also helps tone your abdominal core. Your body flexes and releases every time you jump on the trampoline. This develops the muscles of your stomach and abdomen, resulting in a more defined core.

For Those Who Want Sexier Legs and Behind

With the help of a trampoline workout, you can effectively tone your legs and buttocks. Repeated bouncing helps condition the muscles, giving your lower body better size and shape.

For Those With Balance and Coordination Issues

The exercise also helps improve balance and coordination, especially in children. Repeated bouncing allows you to use all muscles and limbs simultaneously, which is a skill needed in sports, dance, and even in everyday safety.

These are only some of the benefits of rebounding. The next time you rent a mini trampoline or visit an indoor trampoline park, you might think about rebounding a little longer.

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